[Media Visit Coverage] 《好声Family》Family Singing Show Season 4 Features Tavia Yeung 杨茜尧 as the judge

 [Media Visit Coverage] 《好声FamilyFamily Singing Show Season 4 Features Tavia Yeung 杨茜尧 as the judge


Kuala Lumpur, May 2023 - Tavia Yeung has been appointed as a judge on the fourth season of 《好声FamilyFamily Singing Show. Tavia 杨茜尧  told the media that she was initially sceptical when she received the job offer because singing is not her forte. "I'm not sure why they invited me," she said. She later discovered, however, that the show is very heartwarming and joked, "I'm here to cry." "I cry even when I laugh!" When asked if her participation was motivated by her involvement in Malaysian film and television, she graciously stated, "As long as there is a suitable script, I'm willing to try," and she laughed, stating that she hasn't retired from acting yet.


This is Tavia's first appearance in a Malaysian singing competition. In this regard, she candidly admitted that she has little experience in the field of television programmes, but she finds it enjoyable and relaxed, as there is no need to memorise scripts. She revealed that, even in Hong Kong, she rarely attempts this type of television programme. As a result, she sees this opportunity to participate in a Malaysian-produced programme as "doing something unfamiliar in a familiar place."


Tavia will be in Malaysia for approximately two weeks this time. Tavia mentioned that her husband Him Law showed her a "puzzled look" and asked why she would participate in a singing competition. When Tavia replied that she wanted to be a judge, her husband simply stated, "That's even stranger." You're not a singer." Tavia saw her husband's words as motivation to participate in the programme because she had never done so before. She stated that the pandemic allowed her to devote her full attention to her two children at home, and that now that the pandemic has passed, it is a good time for her to begin a new job.


When asked if she could bring her family to participate in a parent-child reality show, Tavia paused for a moment before responding, "There should be a chance, but both of my children are quite shy." She admitted that her children enjoy listening to music and dancing but are extremely shy. Despite the fact that she is away from home for work, she occasionally takes advantage of the opportunity to video call with her children.


Christopher 黎升铭 is another judge on this season of the popular singing show, 《好声Family.  He has been actively involved in this programme since previous seasons, bringing his knowledge and enthusiasm to the judging panel. Christopher hopes to discover and showcase heartwarming moments between parents and children through their performances on the show, using his experience and knowledge in the music industry. He also believes in the power of music to bring people together and create lasting memories.


Otherwise, the show is being hosted Gary叶俊岑、Tan Ley Teng陈丽亭、Rickman谢承伟、Charlotte萧心韵. Rickman asked Gary whether he would feel threatened in his position as the emcee for the show. Gary replied that he will not worry about this because he has been hosting the show since previous season. He promised to just try his best in doing his role. Tan Ley Teng陈丽亭 mentioned that her collaboration with Gary this time has better chemistry than before.


The show also featured a great lineup of artistes such as Priscilla蔡恩雨、X.Long魏少泷、Layla蕾拉、秋雯、Madison刘汉杰 and their family members during the special celebrities episode.


The show will premiere on 4th June 2023 and will be broadcasted on 8TV every Sunday at 9 p.m.


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