[Local Entertainment] Let’s MOVEON GLY 3V3 Badminton Showdown (featuring Goh Liu Ying)

 [Local Entertainment] Let’s MOVEON GLY 3V3 Badminton Showdown (featuring Goh Liu Ying)

Let's MOVEON GLY 3V3 Badminton Showdown has successfully concluded.   According to Goh Liu Ying, there will be more exciting events in the future.


Kuala Lumpur, 2023 - The "Let's MOVEON GLY 3V3 Badminton Showdown" 3V3 badminton tournament, co-organized by Malaysia's personalised functional food technology brand "Wellous" and sports resource website "WellSport" with the goal of focusing on joint health and promoting parent-child communication, officially kicked off on 15 April 2023 (Saturday) at Vanity Atrium in Sunway Velocity Mall.


After retiring from competitive badminton, Olympic silver medalist Goh Liu Ying has been actively involved in the badminton community in a variety of roles and capacities. Furthermore, "Let's MOVEON GLY 3V3 Badminton Showdown" marks Goh Liu Ying's second 3V3 badminton tournament.


It is worth noting that not only is this a rare sporting event held in shopping malls, but it is also a badminton tournament that combines singles, doubles, and 3V3 forms. Although moving the badminton tournament into malls brings the event closer to the public, it is not without challenges. According to Goh Liu Ying, the mall's uncontrollable lighting and wind direction make the game more difficult and test players' ability to maintain concentration.


After all, 3V3 has yet to appear on the stage of international professional tournaments. "There are already a lot of regular, professional badminton tournaments, so I want to go in a different direction," she said when asked about her motivation. It's a demanding sport to play, but we're actually very happy and entertaining when we practise, so I'd like to introduce other ways of playing to more badminton fans."


Current national badminton players, including men's singles player Ng Tze Yong, women's singles player Goh Jin Wei, and mixed doubles player Shevon Jemie Lai, were also invited to support the tournament. To heat up the atmosphere, the three of them brought an exhibition match with the champion team.


Even after retiring, Goh Liu Ying remained interested in the dynamics of badminton and was optimistic about Tang Jie and Ee Wei's attempt to qualify for the Olympic Games.


Goh Liu Ying, on the other hand, stated in a media interview at the event that, in addition to seeing the Malaysian mixed doubles team's level gradually improve, she is hopeful that the young mixed doubles team - Chen Tang Jie and Toh Ee Wei - will be able to compete for qualification to the Paris 2024 Summer Olympics.


"At the moment, three or four mixed doubles teams are working together to qualify for the Olympic Games and foster healthy competition throughout the Paris Olympic points cycle." This is a good thing, and perhaps everyone will benefit as a result."


Furthermore, Goh Liu Ying claimed that several professional athletes were involved in the Ministry of Youth and Sports' "Road to Gold" initiative to win Malaysia's first Olympic gold medal.


"I believe they will give it their all, whether they are on the national team or free agents, as long as they have the opportunity to compete in the Olympics."


As a former national team representative and former free agent, she emphasised the importance of financial assistance.


"Free agents must compete in a variety of competitions to accumulate points in order to qualify for the Olympics, so we definitely require funding." If there are no concerns, they will be able to give their all on the court and perform better."


Goh Liu Ying has reminded the public to take care of their joints and to enjoy parent-child time without fear.


Goh Liu Ying, the organiser of the GLY 3V3 badminton tournament and a joint health care ambassador for MOVEON, stated that she would like to use this opportunity to remind the public to prioritise joint health and exercise more in order to enjoy better quality parent-child time with heart and strength.


People are becoming more aware of the importance of exercise and health, particularly joint health. Many people experience joint pain, which disrupts their daily lives. One of the causes of joint pain is a lack of exercise. As a result, the organisers hope to encourage everyone to pay attention to joint health by using the theme "Let's MOVEON."


MOVEON, Malaysia's first bone and joint formula with three international patents, effectively repairs bone and joint damage, promotes cartilage tissue regeneration, and strengthens bone and joint. Furthermore, MOVEON emphasises repair and regenerative strengthening, opposes short-term pain relief, and advocates long-term bone strengthening because health is the only thing that will get you further. MOVEON is designed as ready-to-drink beverages with just one sachet every day on an empty stomach before meals, in keeping with today's convenient lifestyle.


Lets MOVEON GLY 3v3羽球赛圆满落幕 吴柳莹:未来会办更多有趣赛事”


由马来西亚个性化功能性食品科技品牌Wellous和运动资源平台动态Wellsport共同主办的3v3羽毛球赛“Lets MOVEON GLY 3v3 Badminton Showdown”,旨在关注关节健康和促进亲子交流,于2023415日(星期六)在蕉赖双威伟乐城(Sunway Velocity)正式开赛。


奥运羽毛球银牌得主吴柳莹自退役后一直致力于为业余羽毛球爱好者打造竞技平台,以不同的身份和角色继续活跃在羽毛球界。这次的“Lets MOVEON GLY 3v3 Badminton Showdown”是吴柳莹举办的第二次3v3羽毛球赛。








退役后持续关注羽坛动态 看好堂杰依蔚争取奥运资格
















提醒公众关注关节健康 无忧享受亲子时光

作为GLY 3v3羽球赛事的发起人和MOVEON爱护骨关节大使,吴柳莹表示她想借此机会提醒大众关注关节健康,多进行运动,以便能够有力气和心情来享受更多的亲子时光。

“Let’s MOVEON GLY 3V3 Badminton Showdown”的主题是关节不痛,全家老少齐运动







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