[Tech] MDEC Announces the Launch of the Digital Content Creators Challenge (DC3) 2023

 [Tech] MDEC Announces the Launch of the Digital Content Creators Challenge (DC3) 2023

Kuala Lumpur, 2023 - The 2023 Digital Content Creators Challenge (DC3) has been announced by Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), Malaysia's leading digital economy agency.


DC3 has been a highly successful platform under the Ministry of Communications and Digital (KKD) that offers seed funding to creative content developers since its inception in 2006. The goal is to develop portfolios or intellectual properties (IPs) that can be pitched to investors, broadcasters, and publishers in order to secure additional funding.


MDEC has funded 372 projects and awarded RM15.8 million in prize money to winners over the years. DC3 is a competition-based programme designed to help content creators develop and produce world-class digital content while also increasing intellectual property (IP) creation.


Malaysia Digital (MD), a national strategic initiative, has identified digital content as one of nine promoted sectors. The winners of DC3 2023 will receive prize money to develop their proposed digital creative content, as well as mentorship from industry experts. This would act as a catalyst for local talent to enter the local and global markets.


"As we transition to a more digital future, the importance of content creators in shaping our collective experiences and narratives cannot be overstated." The DC3 2023 showcases Malaysian digital content creators' creativity, resilience, and potential. MDEC is proud to support and champion this initiative, which aims to foster a thriving ecosystem of creators that drives innovation and growth in Malaysia's creative industries." MDEC CEO Ts. Mahadhir Aziz stated.


The programme is open to companies that create digital content and is divided into four categories: digital comics, animation, interactive media, and digital games.

Winners in the digital comic category will receive up to RM25,000 in prize money and six months to complete their project.


Meanwhile, winners in the animation category will receive up to RM100,000 in prize money and eight months to complete their project. Producers of interactive media and digital games will receive up to RM100,000 for each category, as well as ten months to complete their project.


Among the notable previous DC3 projects are "Legends of Ancient Borneo" by All for One Productions, which won Best Digital Animation Film at the Malaysia Digital Film Award 2019 and Best Animated Short Film at the Great Message International Film Festival 2019. The project is now in the early stages of development for an animated series, with a completion date of 2023. This is the first animated film in the Kadazan language, and it is one of the ways to honour Sabah's indigenous heritage and culture.


Cramped Death by Wombatman Games, meanwhile, was a finalist for the Best Design category in the Indie Game Show Award, which was featured at the Taipei Game Show 2020. The game was recently released and is available on Steam and the Nintendo Switch.


Applications for the DC3 programme are now being accepted until May 5, 2023.

More information can be found at https://mdec.my/dc3 .



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