[Entertainment News] Jacky Cheung《張學友60+巡迴演唱會》 Press Conference (Dual Language)

 [Entertainment News] Jacky Cheung《張學友60+巡迴演唱會》 Press Conference (Dual Language)

Kuala Lumpur, 2023 – Jacky Cheung's "Classic Tour" concert in Hong Kong concluded flawlessly on January 29, 2019. "Singing is my favourite thing in life," he said at the last show, "But I want to keep improving and not stop here." I hope to improve everyone's performance in the near future." Jacky Cheung finally announced the start of a new tour in 2023.


He hasn't met formally with journalists from around the world in three years. This time, Jacky Cheung held a press conference in Macau, which drew an unprecedented number of media from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, and Malaysia. A large screen displayed an image of Jacky Cheung's head formed by the gathering of countless stars in the universe at the start of the press conference, as if all fans of Jacky Cheung's music from around the world were converging together.


During the press conference, a video was prepared that reviewed Jacky Cheung's nine personal concert tours spanning over 30 years, beginning with the 1987 "Jacky Cheung Concert." The video shows Jacky Cheung's stage performances progressing from young and inexperienced to mature and skilled, but his singing voice never loses its penetrating and infectious power. When asked about his previous concert footage, Jacky Cheung laughed and said, "I'm getting old, but I'm improving!"


Jacky Cheung has repeatedly broken concert attendance records. His《友學友演唱会》had 100 performances in 1995, his 《學友光年演唱會》had 105 performances in 2007, his 《張學友1/2世紀演唱會》had 147 performances in 2010, and his《學友 經典演唱會》had 233 performances in 2016.


However, setting records has never been Jacky Cheung's intention with his concerts. "I try my hardest to perform well in every show," he said. Each additional show represents a small increase in support. I want to thank you all again for your love and support." In each concert, Jacky Cheung tries different forms of expression, with the perseverance to overcome difficulties and the spirit of striving for perfection, making him a unique quality benchmark in the Chinese music industry.


The highlight of the press conference began after a review of his previous concerts. The lights dimmed in the venue, and the countdown to Jacky Cheung's tenth personal concert tour began. Jacky Cheung approached another tall lighthouse on the stage, and when he touched it, a strong beam of light illuminated the entire venue. The lighthouse's light guides ships on the sea and illuminates the correct course. The lighthouse represented Jacky Cheung as a beacon of hope in the Chinese music industry. However, for Jacky Cheung, the light of the lighthouse acts as a guide to his original intention. "Every time I want to come up with a different concert, there will be confusion," Jacky Cheung said, "But I always remind myself that I love singing and performing, and my goal is to sing better and perform more brilliantly in my concerts." Everything will become simple and clear once you start with the original intention. The scene changed from night to a beautiful coastline at this point, and the atmosphere in the venue became more relaxed, with Jacky Cheung even requesting a photo.


Following the opening ceremony, the《張學友60+巡迴演唱會》was officially announced on stage, along with the unveiling of the main visual poster on the big screen. Water is featured prominently in the concert's main visual, and Jacky believes that "Water is full of possibilities, and no matter what difficulties we face or how rough the road ahead may be, water always finds a way to continue moving forward." He also encourages himself to be as adaptable as water and to be driven to move forward. Jacky chose the name "60+" as a simple and honest representation of himself as a singer, with each album and performance recording a different stage of his life. Looking at the main visual poster's photo of himself with grey hair and beard, Jacky jokes that this is his ideal image of himself at 60+, and he hopes to leave himself with the best memories. Mr. 陳柳泉 of 中成視覺 and Mr. 張松輝 of JDS were invited on stage for a toast at the conclusion of the press conference. 《張學友 60+巡迴演唱會》will make its first stop in Macau on June 9th, 2023, at the Venetian Theatre. Global fans are advised to stay tuned for further announcements regarding concert dates and ticket sales.










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