[Local News] Miss International Malaysia Semenanjung 2023 (MIMS 2023) Press Conference

[Local News] Miss International Malaysia Semenanjung 2023 (MIMS 2023) Press Conference

Miss International Malaysia Makes a Grand Return in Search of top candidates to compete at the National Grand Finale with first-ever “Semenanjung Edition”!


Kuala Lumpur, April 2023 - Miss International Organisation, one of the world's earliest and most prominent world-class pageant associations, has announced the return of Miss International Malaysia with the first-ever Semenanjung edition, Miss International Malaysia Semenanjung 2023 (MIMS 2023).


MIMS 2023 is a Miss International Organisation counterpart initiative organised by the Miss International Malaysia organisation (MIM) to showcase Malaysia's unique and rich mix of diverse backgrounds, arts, and culture through fashion, beauty, and entertainment.


This year's MIMS 2023 will include an exclusive Youtube series release that will take a deep dive into the everyday lives of the contestants' pageant training such as fitness, catwalk, public speaking classes, and many more, providing a modern take on pageantry to forego the preconceived ideas of traditional pageants.


Furthermore, the series will highlight the contestants' patriotism, passion, and strength for a chance to be one of the top five candidates chosen to compete in the national Miss International Malaysia 2023 pageant, which is scheduled to take place on July 29, 2023.


"As you know, Malaysia clearly displays the nature of the multi-ethnic culture, and an event like this gives a great opportunity for locals and foreigners alike to discover what Malaysia has to offer through our beauty queens," Y.M Dato' Paduka Seri Hasnizal Haji Hassan said. The Miss International Malaysia organisation has been working hard to provide a platform for our Malaysians all over the world to showcase their talent, skills, and hard work. This event will allow our future beauty queens of various cultures to share, educate, and learn from one another's experiences, as well as showcase their respective backgrounds from across the country."


Furthermore, SunStrong Entertainment has been appointed as the Title Presenter for MIMS 2023, and will provide various cooperation opportunities for the winner of MIMS 2023 in addition to prize money and prizes worth RM27,000.


"Our main goal is to create awareness and values of tourism in Malaysia," said Miss Kimberly Lee, State Director of Miss International Malaysia. We have natural wonders to explore as well as people from various cultural backgrounds who are always eager to welcome visitors from all over the world. We intend to incorporate the world's most popular tourist destinations into the pageant and showcase them on a global scale in order to entice visitors to come to our humble home and experience for themselves what Malaysia has to offer."


The MIM organisation and its pageant contestants will participate in a variety of corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities throughout the pageant period as part of their initiative to develop the social and economic growth of Malaysia's tourism sector. In addition, several mini-competitions will be held to find winners for their subsidiary pageant titles, which will be announced at the grand finals.


The MIM organisation is thrilled to offer aspiring beauty queens a platform to showcase their personalities, talents, and skills to the world. At this year's Miss International Malaysia Semenanjung 2023, future pageant contestants can expect a journey of self-development, learning, and more.


Aspiring beauty queens can sign up to audition for MIMS 2023 at https://forms.gle/KNrLJhYyu8VMo6AF9  (please see requirements below), where they will stand a chance to win cash and prizes worth up to RM27,000, including an ambassadorship and gym membership deal with LifenFitness, and much more.


Those eligible for MIMS 2023:

      Female, West Malaysian non-muslim citizens.

      Aged 18 to 28 years old as of 2023.

      Minimum height of 165cm.

      Single, never been married, divorced, or have children.

      Applicants must be fluent in Bahasa Malaysia or English.

MIMS 2023 is organized by the Miss International Malaysia organization with SunStrong Entertainment as the Title Presenter and STEG Hotel Kuala Lumpur as the Venue & Hotel sponsor for upcoming MIMS 2023 activities together with sponsors and partners:

      BCM Alliance Berhad

      TLK Investments LLC


      STEG Studio

      The Transit


      MySAC - Vouchers in Goodie Bags

      Everest Corridor Sdn Bhd - Bird’s Nest in Goodie Bags

      Face Bar - Face Masks in Goodie Bags

      Global Creative Media Agency (GCMA) - Official PR Agency

For more information on MIMS 2023, kindly visit: https://instagram.com/missmalaysiapageant/ and https://www.instagram.com/missinternationalmalaysia/


For more information on SunStrong Entertainment, kindly visit: ​​https://www.sunstrongentertainment.com/ 



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