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Monday, 24 April 2023

[Coverage] 《484搞疯会 S2》「茶室吹水王」Press Conference

 [Coverage] 484搞疯会 S2》「茶室吹水王」Press Conference

Kuala Lumpur, April 2023 - The second season of 484搞疯会 a debate variety show created by the Astro 中文部, returns with a new look as the "Tea Room Chatting King 「茶室吹水王」" The debate battlefield is relocated to a tea room this time, allowing the audience to sit in front of the TV as if they were listening to people converse in a tea room. Led by the first season's leader, 李欣怡 who plays the tea room owner, 16 debaters dressed in 1980s retro attire compete for the title of "Tea Room Chatting King." The show also invited popular online singers siblings JE 庞琂予 and Gaston Pong庞加斯顿 to produce the theme song titled, 《叫我吹水王》.


During the press conference, host 李欣怡 and the guests and debaters discussed their filming experiences. According to Yoon 吴家润, the program's props, from the background setting to the snacks in the grocery store scene, were all authentic. Rasyidah 拉丝达, a Malay presenter who is well-versed in Mandarin language revealed that she usually values harmony and avoids arguing with others. To prepare herself for this program, she even had arguments with her coworkers and practised debating alone to hone her debating skills, almost causing her to have a split personality.


Many of the guests admitted that they are not used to arguing in their daily lives, so they spent a lot of time preparing for the show. Hishiko, a tattoo artist and YouTuber, had insomnia for weeks before filming and even had amnesia afterwards, almost unable to remember what happened during the filming process. Estee also stated that her character ‘Ong Kar Ling 王佳琳 in another TV show is lively and chatty, but she is shy in real life. MC Maq Lai joked that his height was meaningless in front of a group of professional debaters, and he was frequently outmatched by lawyer debater QiuHua 郑秋桦. Amber Chia, a famous Malaysian model, also revealed that she was moved to tears during the show and praised the debaters for their hard work, claiming that she had become "addicted" to debating.


The Cantonese slang term "blowing water" refers to casual conversation, which can be used to connect neighbours, friends, and colleagues and exchange ideas. The second season of 484搞疯会》 aims to make serious debates more commonplace: as long as one's thoughts are clear and organised, anyone can "blow water." The show stars YouTuber Lucas 卢卡斯 as the tea room waiter, who also has a debating background, in addition to 李欣怡 as the host. They and the debaters have casual conversations and discussions with various guests. Each debate topic is given 10 minutes in which the debaters must use their wits and tongues to persuade the on-site diners.


Twelve of the 16 debaters are from the first season, including the champion of the first season, Qiu-hua 郑秋桦, lawyer debater Bing Yew 郑秋桦, Lock, comedian and social media creator Meeki 吴美錡 , versatile online celebrity Dior大颖, lawyer and intelligent 慧玲, social media anchor 小桃、有洭, primary school teacher 国兴, law student 郑稳, Chat show anchor 嘉雯, and real estate agent 嘉妤. Four new debaters have also been added, including YouTuber 林尚进, radio DJ Der Ting 德廷黄程凯, and middle school student debater Fiona Jane. The 16 debaters also introduced themselves through rap, which was turned into a music video, which debuted at the press conference.


In addition to the debaters, each episode's production team will invite celebrities or artists from television, radio, debate, politics, music, and other fields to serve as "special guest diners" (guest judges).


Furthermore, Gaston wrote and composed the theme song 《叫我吹水王》sung by the 碰碰姐弟. Apart from satirizing contemporary Malaysian local culture and current affairs issues with a witty tone, the lyrics also define "blowing water" as "speaking effortlessly and being able to talk about any topic." It also advises the audience to conduct research before leaving a message and to be cautious in their comments. Furthermore, the MV invited debaters and diners to act out common teahouse scenes in which they can freely speak and spread information. The siblings even included a funny rap segment at the end of the video. On March 22, the theme song 《叫我吹水王》was released on YouTube. Gaston also revealed at the press conference that his love life frequently appears in his songs, and he hinted that he will have breakthroughs and big revelations in the programme. Stay tuned to the show for more information.


484搞疯会》 production team has created a number of award-winning programmes, including the "‘电视最佳社会影响力奖 (Gold Award)" at the 43届美国泰利奖, the "Best Documentary Series" and "Best News or Current Affairs Presenter/Anchor," "Best Editing" and "Best Theme Song" awards at the 2020亚洲影艺创意大奖 in Malaysia, and 最佳资讯娱乐性节目奖的法律资讯节目《告诉你LAW. The theme song from the first season of 484搞疯会》 was also nominated for a "TV Best MV Award (Silver Award)". The show has received such positive feedback from viewers that the production team has decided to create a second season. From the perspective of "chatting culture," the show will look at current events, livelihoods, family relationships, employment, and some interesting topics that are often discussed among friends or in tea rooms, such as "Can you take angry words said during an argument seriously?", "Is it wrong to be envious of others' success?", "Is it wrong not to reply to your boss after work hours?", and "Is age anxiety a bad thing?" and so forth.


Other guests on the second season of 484搞疯会》 include popular Astro host and anchor颜江瀚, the witty 龙纹敏, gender expert lawyer 杜韩念, Golden Horse Award-winning director 张吉安, Minister of Transportation Anthony Loke, diving world champion Cheong Jun Hoong, MY DJ Emely Poon, who was once a beauty pageant contestant, all-around artist 彤彤, current affairs commentator lawyer 洪伟翔, and They will vote on the debaters' performances after each debate, in addition to chatting with them. The championship winner will be dubbed the "Chatting King of Tea Rooms.「茶室吹水王」"


The second season of 484搞疯会》which will consist of 13 episodes, premiered on April 15th on Astro AEC Channel 306. Follow the official 有怪物官方面子书 or AEC Facebook page for more information about the programme.


 484搞疯会 S2》「茶室吹水王」记者会

Astro中文部自制的辩论综艺节目《484搞疯会》第二季回归了,以茶室吹水王为主题,将辩论战场移到茶室,让观众仿佛置身于现场听人闲聊。第一季的首脑李欣怡将扮演茶室老板,领导16位辩手在80年代的复古造型下进行激烈的辩论比赛,争夺茶室吹水王的称号。制作组还特别邀请了网红歌手碰碰姐弟(JE庞琂予和Gaston Pong庞加斯顿)制作并演唱主题曲《叫我吹水王》,以音乐剧的形式带领观众回到过去的年代。




许多嘉宾透露自己平时不太会争吵,因此为了上节目做了很多准备。例如,著名的纹身师兼YouTuber Hishiko在拍摄前感到很大的压力,失眠了几周,甚至在拍摄结束后出现了断片状态,几乎不记得拍摄时发生的事情;Estee陈昭伶也表示,她在欢喜台节目中扮演的王佳琳角色很活泼,喜欢讲话,但私下的她很含蓄,她笑言自己在拍摄当天的妆容太美了,无法进入角色;GOXUAN MC Maq赖铭权则说,他的身高在一群专业辩手面前毫无用处,经常被辩手郑秋桦律师的气势征服,连上场的机会都很少;大马名模Amber Chia也透露,在节目中激动得流泪,大赞辩手们充分准备,让人佩服,并表示开始对辩论上瘾




这个节目有16位辩手参加比赛,其中12位是第一季的老选手,他们包括第一届《484搞疯会》的冠军郑秋桦、律师辩手叶斌有、阿Lock、喜剧演员兼自媒体创作者Meeki吴美錡、网红Dior大颖、兼备美貌和智慧的律师慧玲、自媒体主播小桃、有洭、小学老师国兴、法律系学生郑稳、脱口秀演员嘉雯、房地产中介嘉妤。此外,还有4位新成员加入,分别是说话煞有其事的YouTuber林尚进、电台DJ德廷、IT界谐星黄程凯和全场最年轻的中学生辩手Fiona Jane。这16位辩手在节目中以Rap形式介绍自己,为节目献上他们的第一次饶舌表演。这个表演还被拍成了MV,在记者发布会上首次播出。


除了这些辩手,每一集的制作组还会邀请电视界、广播界、辩坛、政坛和乐坛等名人或艺人担任特约食客(嘉宾评审)。今天参加记者发布会的特约食客包括小辣椒著名的Yoon吴家润、长腿搞笑型DJ Maq赖铭权、Astro金牌销售员Tiong林伟仲、欢喜台网红一姐Estee陈昭伶、大马名模Amber ChiaHishiko、创作型网红斌彦、拉丝达、碰碰姐弟、卢卡斯、律师辩手叶斌有和辩手嘉雯。






参加《484搞疯会》第二季的特别嘉宾包括颜江瀚、龙纹敏、杜韩念律师、张吉安、陆兆福、张俊虹、Emely 潘毖伶、彤彤、洪伟翔律师、Jojo 吴俐璇和Ah Lee等人。除了与辩手们进行聊天,他们还将在每场辩论结束后对辩手的表现进行投票,最终获胜者将被授予茶室吹水王的称号。


484搞疯会》第二季共有13集,于415日开始,每周六晚上11点在Astro AEC频道306播出。如果您想了解更多有关节目的详细信息,有怪物官方面子书AEC 面子书


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