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Saturday, 21 January 2023

[Movie Review] “Ma, I Love You”《真爱好妈》

 [Movie Review] “Ma, I Love You”《真爱好妈》

《真爱好妈》(“Ma, I Love You) is Director Chiu's latest sweet retreat, following the success of "The Journey" and "Ola Bola". As with his previous entries, he has incorporated many local elements that will undoubtedly entertain the audience. Some of the amusing scenes struck such a chord with the local parents and children that it appeared as if he was filming the audience's relationship with their parents. Some spoilers in the trailer include the mother following her daughter's car and commenting on her driving abilities.


Furthermore, I would like to commend the acting in this film, particularly that of the show's main stars, Ong Ai Leng 王爱玲 and Siow Li Xuan 萧莉璇. Both have given outstanding performances as mother and daughter, with realistic and believable interactions. Every scene, with their interactions, can really connect with the audience. Ong Ai Leng's portrayal of the character Bee Ling, an overly attached mother, is fantastic, and it will undoubtedly reveal to audiences who are children in a family the perspective and struggle of a parent. Siow's character QiQi, on the other hand, will remind the parents' audiences of their children's dreams. Siow's performance is excellent, and a few of her scenes will undoubtedly make the audience cry. They both did an excellent job delivering the heartwarming scenes! Furthermore, Loh Lai Kan's role as grandmother added to the show's realism.


Another aspect of Director Chiu's film that I have always admired is the visually stunning scenes. There were many breathtaking shots of the local scenery that left me awestruck. For example, the sunrise scene and the shot at a popular shopping mall.


Aside from that, I really liked the show's OSTs, especially the background music and the title track 离别,怎么写“. I thought the main title track aided in delivering an important meaningful moment in the show.


Furthermore, I believe that the audience will learn a few French words after watching the show, in addition to being educated on the importance of family love.


Overall, this is one of my recommended films to watch this season! Make sure to catch the show at your local cinema starting on January 22nd, 2023!


Verdict : 8.5/10

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