[Coverage] Gala Night of “Ma, I Love You”《真爱好妈》

 [Coverage] Gala Night of “Ma, I Love You”《真爱好妈》

Kuala Lumpur, January 2023 – During this season, going to the movies is a popular activity for those celebrating Chinese New Year. This year, Director Chiu, who has previously directed "The Journey" and "Ola Bola," will bring us another heartwarming film titled "《真爱好妈》Ma, I Love You" to the big screen. This film revolves around the story of a mother-daughter relationship and will undoubtedly bring you a touching story that will touch your heart.


"《真爱好妈》Ma, I Love You," presented by Astro Shaw and Multimedia Entertainment, produced by WooHoo Pictures, incorporated many local elements into the story telling. Despite being a Chinese New Year film, it includes multi-lingual culture seen in Malaysia while remaining true to the Malaysian norm. Director Chiu's greatest strength is undoubtedly his ability to direct films that resonate with audiences. That is one of the main reasons why South East Asian Globe named Director Chiu one of Malaysia's best directors.


Being a parent is not easy. On the other hand, being a child comes with its own set of complications. "《真爱好妈》Ma, I love you" tells the story of Goh Bee Ling, a single mother, and her daughter QiQi. From Bee Ling's point of view, she was always content to continue living close to her daughter. Things changed when she discovered that her daughter was secretly planning to apply to study abroad in France. Bee Ling felt betrayed and hoped to derail QiQi's plans so she could spend more time with her daughter. Will QiQi be able to realise her dream of becoming self-sufficient? Let's find out this coming Chor 1 (1st day of Chinese New Year 2023) (22nd January 2023) at your local cinema!


The film also included a theme song titled 《离别, 怎么写》, by Jess Lee 李佳薇, and a French OST titled “Bonjour.Merci” by Froya.


Director Chiu revealed that the filming took approximately one month. He believed that this film would allow him to investigate the relationship between modern parents and their children. Everyone has a unique way of expressing their love. In love, the word "sacrifice" can mean different things to different families. He hopes that everyone will watch this film with their loved ones and discover the meaning of "family" through it.


Raja Jastina Raja Arshad, the CEO of Astro Shaw and Malay Nusantara, stated that Astro Shaw was able to release a film that is suitable not only for those celebrating Chinese New Year but also for everyone in the country because it features a meaningful family-based film. She believes that "Ma, I Love You" is one of Director Chiu's best films, and it is filled with many meaningful values. Astro Shaw hopes that, in addition to entertaining the audience, the film will bring family members closer together.


《真爱好妈》(“Ma, I Love You) casts members include Ong Ai Leng 王爱玲, Siow Li Xuan 萧莉璇, Loh Lai Kan 罗励勤, Felina Cheah 谢德容 and Phei Yong 培永. It also features cameo casts members such as Huang Yi Fei黄一飞,Siow Hui Mei萧慧敏, Michie LamK (klayheng), OkokokMouHo Yuhang 何宇恆 and 啦啦啦Endy


In addition, director Chiu invited the public to express their feelings for their parents by filming them shouting their feelings. This is in accordance with the "Shout Out Loud Ma, I Love You Contest," which will begin on January 21, 2023.


《真爱好妈》(Ma, I Love You) also received a lot of cooperation and support from Main Sponsor Coway, as well as co-sponsors McDonald’s, Seasons, Singapore Airlines新加坡航空、Scoot Air and Alliance Francaise Kuala LumpurFor more info about the movie, you can follow the social media platforms for Astro Shaw and Astro Gempak.


Follow Astro Shaw and Astro Gempak on social media for more information about the film.


Gala Night of “《真爱好妈》(Ma, I Love You)”


Gala Night of 《真爱好妈》(Ma, I Love You) was held at GSC Starling Mall on January 16, 2023. It was a fantastic night that included a flash mob dance of parents and children. They gave an outstanding performance to kick off the event. Attendees will also have the opportunity to meet the executive producer, director Chiu, and the show's main cast members, which include Ong Ai Leng 王爱玲, Siow Li Xuan 萧莉璇, Loh Lai Kan 罗励勤, Felina Cheah 谢德容 and Phei Yong 培永. Each of them shared snippets of what to expect in the film, which piqued the interest of the audience.


Following the show, all of the cast members greeted fans outside the cinema dressed as their characters.


Overall, it was a very heartwarming film that should be seen this Chinese New Year 2023! I strongly advise you to see it at your nearest cinema during this festive season!



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