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Thursday, 1 September 2022

[Media Interview] MindaRyn @ AniManGaki 2022

 [Media Interview] MindaRyn @ AniManGaki 2022

Selangor, August 2022 – It was an awesome weekend on 27th and 28th August 2022 with the happening of AniManGaki 2022 (you can check out my coverage on the event here: https://www.wljack.com/2022/08/coverage-animangaki-2022.html )!


MindaRyn's presence is one of the event's highlights! MindaRyn is a Thai YouTuber and Singer who began on YouTube by covering anime theme songs! She made her debut in Japan, where several of her songs were featured in popular animes. (For eg, “Like Flames” in the anime of “That Tome I Got Reincarnated As A Slime”)


Thus, it was really a pleasant honour for our team to interview her during the event of AniManGaki 2022!


MindaRyn expressed her passion and love for music during the interview. In fact, if possible, one of her future goals would be to hold her own big solo concert.


In addition to that, she also mentioned about how different her life is now compared to the past as she is now a debuted singer with additional pressures on her shoulder.


Our chief editor Jack has taken the opportunity to ask MindaRyn regarding her thoughts on Malaysia. According to her, Malaysia felt like home to her because the weather and atmosphere here are pretty similar to her own home country, Thailand.


Jack further extended a question on what would MindaRyn tell her old self if she could travel back in time. MindaRyn mentioned that she would have advised her old self to invest into Bitcoins. However, if she was able to get rich since the beginning, she would still pursue her passion in singing.


Lastly, MindaRyn shared that she really loves game musics and some examples are those from Final Fantasy series. When asked what was the first video game she ever played, she replied, "Red Alert!"


The interview ended pleasantly with the friendly and down to earth MindaRyn! All of the media members have the opportunity to take a group photo with her after the session! Look at our chief editor Jack putting his thumbs up, as he’s a huge fans of MindaRyn’s music!


We wish MindaRyn the best of luck with her future projects and hope that this is not her last visit to our country!


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