[Coverage] Symphonic Anime by Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra (MPO)

 [Coverage] Symphonic Anime by Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra (MPO)

Kuala Lumpur, August 2022 – It was a pleasant weekend last week at Dewan Filharmonik Petronas because anime fans were able to enjoy an anime-themed concert titled "Symphonic Anime"!


There are many anime fans all over the world due to the growing cultural phenomenon of anime, and many Malaysians are also part of the growing community! Many anime fans as well as cosplayers dressed up as their favourite characters attended this event! It was a very happy occurrence! In fact, some celebrity cosplayers and guest cosplayers attended the show! Hakken, the popular cosplayer beloved by many ACG fans, was one notable attendee during the show on 27 August 2022!

All 4 concerts are sold out with full capacity of over 3,600 people (920 people per concerts)!

Symphonic Anime has featured a wide array of anime songs ranging from the ones by Mamiya’s “Grave of the Fireflies: Setsuko & Saita”, Hisaishi’s “Princess Mononoke”, “Gake No Ue No Ponyo”, “Spirited Away Suite”, “Kimi Wo Nosete from Laputa”, “Kiki’s Delivery Service”, Fuyuki “Ultraseven Symphonic Poem: Selections”, Nomi’s “Whisper of the Heart: On A Hilly Town”, Tanaka’s “One Piece : To The Grand Line & I’m becoming the Pirate King”, Takanashi’s “Naruto Shippuden: Departure To The Front Lines”, Revo’s “Attack on Titan: Guren No Yumiya” and last but not least, the encore of “Dragon Ball Theme”!


The MPO and conductor Naohisa Furusawa delivered an outstanding performance throughout the show! The musical presentation of everyone's favourite anime songs is superb! In between performances, Naohisa Furusawa gave a tributary speech about the anime in which the songs were featured. He has expressed his love for Ultraman and even reminded audiences of the upcoming Ultraman film's release date!


The show's high points came in the second half, following the intermission! This segment of the show featured anime songs from popular Shonen anime such as One Piece, Naruto, Attack On Titan, and Dragon Ball! I believe that many people grew up watching shonen anime, and it has undoubtedly brought many nostalgic moments to the audiences! Furthermore, prior to the performance of "Attack On Titan: Guren No Yumiya," the conductor instructed the audience to yell the key lyric "Jäger!" after his cue. Everyone was able to join in the fun by shouting "Jäger!" as instructed during the performance! It was a really enjoyable interaction! This song was played again during the final encore, and the audience was once again led into the performance! What a memorable experience!


Of course, it's difficult to deny that many people also enjoyed the other encore song, "Dragon Ball Theme"! Even the conductor returned to the stage wearing a Dragon Ball T-shirt and made a "Kame Hame Ha" gesture to the audience and musicians before beginning the magnificent musical piece.


Overall, Symphonic Anime delivered on the promise of fun for anime fans! I really hope MPO organises another anime-themed concert in the near future!

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