[Event Coverage] Malaysia’s International Durian & Cultural Fest 2022

 [Event Coverage] Malaysia’s International Durian & Cultural Fest 2022


Kuala Lumpur, July 2022 - The official opening of the Malaysian International Durian & Culture Fest 2022 (MIDCF) was officiated by YBrs. Encik Iskandar Mirza Mohd Yusof, Senior Director, Domestic & Event of Tourism Malaysia, as a way of supporting Dking as they achieve yet another milestone in advancing Malaysia's tourism.


Malaysia's International Durian & Cultural Fest 2022 (MIDCF) is a two-day cultural event that takes place between July 16 and July 17, 2022, at Pavilion Bukit Jalil. It honours Malaysia's wonders of culture, tourism, and one of its most significant factors of appeal — food.

Everyone's everyday life revolves around food, which is also deeply ingrained in Malaysian culture. Dking's goal has always been to "make everyone love durian," and with that passion and love, they have been on an ever-changing journey to highlight how important the king of fruits is in helping to make Malaysia one of the most popular travel destinations.

The introduction served as a significant first step in their intention to propose Durian Day as an official day for durians in Malaysia, in addition to serving as a venue to promote durians. Due to the fact that other nations already have days set aside to honour their cuisine, Malaysia should also have a day set aside in the calendar for Malaysians to commemorate their national fruit, the durian.


The establishment of a Durian Day in Malaysia would contribute to the global promotion of durians. It would increase Malaysians' sense of patriotism, provide Malaysia the chance to be known and represented by the fruit around the world, and might even be added to the tourism calendar in the future.


According to YBrs. Encik Iskandar Mirza Mohd Yusof, "The Malaysia International Durian & Cultural Fest is a prime example of a great tourist attraction for locals and foreigners to visit Malaysia's capital and indulge in the various assortments of durians, tropical fruits, and local food that Malaysia has to offer."


Public attention was drawn to a great lineup of durians, including the XO and D24, which excited many in attendance. In addition, people might enjoy the diversity of tropical fruits that Malaysia has to offer.


Malaysia’s International Durian & Cultural Fest 2022 featured events that reflected Malaysia's expanding culture, such as a cultural fashion presentation by Miss Malaysia Kebaya, under the direction of Nicole Fe Lynne, and an electrifying violin performance by Jessica Loo.


With a large selection of delicious durians, tropical fruits from Nature Farm, and our beloved local and Nyonya kuih-muih offered by Aroma Nyonya, Dking was able to provide participants a picture of Malaysia's culture. In addition to the festival's flurry of activities, the event's location at Pavilion Bukit Jalil had a significant impact on the development of the mall as a tourist attraction. 低清 Dissy artistes were also spotted during the event!

"We believe this festival serves as a representation of Malaysia’s diversity that is united by our unique and delicious food, as we work towards contributing to make Malaysia Southeast Asia’s food paradise. Not only do we hope to play a vital role in preserving and displaying our culture and tourist attractions, but we also hope visitors will be encouraged to experience Malaysia when trying out our food.” remarked Dking's founder, Mr. Leron Yee.


Malaysia's International Durian & Cultural Fest 2022 was a homage by Dking to uplift the spirits of Malaysians and our country going forward, since Malaysia has through difficult times in the pandemic over the previous two years.


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