[Coverage] 5th Malaysia Golden Global Awards 2022

[Coverage] 5th Malaysia Golden Global Awards 2022


Kuala Lumpur, July 2022 - 5th Malaysia Golden Global Awards 2022 has taken place at Istana Budaya on 16th July 2022. The event night was graced by the presence of many local and international renowned artistes. Here are some highlights during the red carpet session of the event!


The Best Film winner of the 5th Malaysia Golden Global Awards was "Drowning in Holy Water”!


5th Malaysia Golden Global Awards 2022 has announced the winners for multiple awards. The best film prize went to the Iranian production "Drowning in Holy Water”, which was directed by Navid Mahmoudi. The Best Actors Award went to the young actors Arif Shaikh and Asik Shaikh from "Two Friends", while the Best Actress Award went to Laure Calamy from "Full Time".


Lifetime Achievement Awards of the 5th Malaysia Golden Global Award 2022!

The recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award, Mr. Kim Dong-Ho, travelled to Malaysia from South Korea to accept the award at this year's Malaysia Golden Global Awards. The international film festivals in South Korea's Busan and Gangneung were founded in part by Mr. Kim Dong-Ho. He has dedicated his career to providing a platform for filmmakers to display their work and to creating chances for extraordinary filmmakers and films. Mr. Kim Dong-Ho also serves as the honorary chairman Malaysia International Film Festival and Malaysia Golden Global Awards. He has been present for every award presentation and film festival since its beginning, as the public and the rest of the world have progressively learned about it.


In addition, the well-known director Hou Hsiao-Hsien has also received a Lifetime Achievement Award. According to the Malaysia Golden Global Award organisation: "We are honoured to have two recipients of the Lifetime Achievement Award present at this time. Due to the impact of the pandemic, we were unable to present the Lifetime Achievement Award to director Hou Hsiao-hsien last time; however, this time we can finally make amends." Director Hou Hsiao-hsien was unable to attend the Malaysia Golden Global Award due to his schedule; as a result, the Taiwan XX Federal agency accepted the award on his behalf.


The Objective of the Malaysia Golden Global Awards!

The Malaysia Golden Global Awards provides a platform for producers and directors to be recognized for their works. Directors who have made three or less feature films can submit their work. A screening panel made up of seven journeyman filmmakers, including Sharifah Amani, Amir Muhammad, Kaze Ng, Mayjune Tan, Sandeep Ray, and Dinesh Ratnam, selected the films for the Award shortlist.

The well-known Indonesian actress Christine Hakim, the Udine Far East Film Festival director, Sabrina Bracetti, the veteran Filipino filmmaker Lav Diaz, the Malaysian director Ho Wi Ding, and Chong Keat Aun made the final selection.


Here are the winners list of the day:


Best Film               : Drowning in Holy Water

Best Director         : Eric Gravel (Full Time)

Best Actor             : Asik Shaikh (Two Friends), Arif Shaikh (Two Friends)

Best Actress                    : Laure Calamy (Full Time)

Best Supporting Actor     : Kim Hyun-bin (The Silent Forest)

Best Supporting Actress: Afin Jahin Jaima (Rehana)

Best Cinematography      : Lim Teck Siang (Whether the Weather is Fine)

Best Screenplay              : Muzzamer Rahman (Hail, Driver!)

New Hope Award   : White Building

Audience Choice Award: The Story of Southern Islet

Lifetime Achievement Award: Kim Dong-Ho, Hou Hsiao-Hsien

Here are some of the photos of performances during the awards show:

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