[Coverage] 《声音猎人》“Social Playlist” Song Composing Sharing Session

[Coverage] 《声音猎人》Social Playlist” Song Composing Sharing Session

Kuala Lumpur, November 2019 – In conjunction with the showing of 声音猎人》“Social Playlist” in Astro AEC on 2020, Astro has collaborated with HIM Music Ma 华研国际音乐 to organize a song composing competition which provides a chance for talented people to express themselves via composition of a song titled 多一点关心”.

Astro and HIM Music Ma 华研国际音乐 have recently organized a song composing sharing session from 7th – 9th November 2019 in Selangor and Penang. The guests who were invited for the sharing session included popular music composers and lyricists Percy Pang彭学斌 and 陈信延as well as singers including KY Tha赵洁莹 (Selangor Session), Boon Hui Lu文慧如 and Yise Loo 罗忆诗 (Penang Session).

Our team from www.wljack.com has attended the session in Selangor held at Little Giraffe Library 长颈鹿图书馆.

During the session, Percy Pang has shared with the attendees regarding his source of inspiration in song composing and regarding his views on creativity. He felt that composing is an art form for someone to express himself or herself. Everyone shouldn’t fix their own style of composing with what they deemed successful by others. He advised the attendees to compose in the styles that they like. If they fail in the process, he advised to learn from the mistakes and do more “homeworks” before producing the next pieces. Getting tips from the seniors in the same field may help too.

On the other hand, 陈信延 has shared his secret formula in writing lyrics for songs. He usually does his lyrics-writing in steps and sequences, beginning with song title name creation first, followed subsequently with the writing of lyrics that focused on “easy to memorize” element, creativity and finally fitting the rhythm of the song. He mentioned that education level is not an indicator to define someone’s success in writing lyrics. However, he advised those who are interested, to read more as reading is very helpful for someone to gain inspiration for lyrics creation.

Boon Hui Lu文慧如 has shared regarding her career so far as a singer. She has gained a massive popularity after she sang a cover for Namewee’s 飘向北方. However, many may not know that she was actually a song composer prior to the success of the song cover. One of her earlier song compositions was even chosen by Hebe to be recorded into her album. Later in her career as song composer, a lot of her songs were rejected. She felt a bit stressful that time and even questioned her own capabilities. She soon discovered that she needs to learn how to enjoy failures in order to gain more inspirations in her work. She also shared her thoughts in performing original song as well as cover song.

KY Tha赵洁莹 has shared with the attendees regarding her experience during the singing competitionAstro 新秀大赛》many years back. She used to pick lively and joyful songs during the competition as she wanted to entertain the audiences. However, when she decided to sing sad songs, the outcome is not as good. Since then, she realized that she needs to diversify her feelings and thoughts in singing in order to perform even better. Nowadays, she has also dared herself to compose songs. She advised everyone not to belittle themselves and should have more courage to do something they wanted to do.

The sharing session ended with a group photo with the guest speakers and attendees. It’s a fruitful session!

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