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Saturday, 3 August 2019

[Movie Review] Kingdom (2019 Japanese Film)

[Movie Review] Kingdom (2019 Japanese Film)

Kingdom is a Japanese action-adventure film that is based on the manga adaptation of the same title. The movie tells the story of ancient China and revolves the story of how Shin (played by Kento Yamazaki) assists Ei sei who better known as The Qin Emperor (played by Ryo Yoshizawa) in reclaiming his throne. What is the journey that awaits them? Let’s find out in your nearest cinema now.

The movie is directed by Shinsuke Sato who has directed a few manga adapted films before including Bleach (2018) and Death Note: Light Up The New World (2016). With Shinsuke’s past experience in directing manga/anime adaption film, it’s not a wonder how he could manage to pull it off in delivering another one successfully. The cinematography of the movie is great and there are many great action sequences in the film that could amaze the audiences. I really love the action choreography especially those fights that involve Shin against another few formidable foes.

As for the writing aspect of the film, it is very close and true to its source material and the fans are definitely going to be delighted. For those who have never read Kingdom before, fret not, as the plot was conveyed clearly throughout the film. Thus, no prior manga or ancient China knowledge is really required before you watch the movie. You will still get to indulge in the storyline of the 2-hours long movie.

In terms of acting, I felt both Kento Yamazaki and Ryo Yoshizawa have done a quite remarkable job in depicting both Shin and Ei Sei/Hyo respectively. Kento Yamazaki has infused some of the comical elements of the character with his often exaggerated and confident dialogues which is very well done considering this is a manga adaptation film. The manga fans will definitely enjoy his interpretation of this role. As for Ryo Yoshizawa, I think he did a convincing job in portraying two different characters which are Hyo and Ei Sei. Despite being the same actor, the different roles could make the audience believe it’s totally two different persons.

On the other hand, the original soundtracks for this film are very upbeat and moving. Additional emotions are delivered via these soundtracks alongside the great fighting and war scenes.

For me, the downside of the film would be the outfit and designs for some of the characters in the film. It felt almost like cosplayers from some anime/manga expo joining in for the shooting. Of course, it is understandable too as this is really a manga-adaptation film. However, I wish the designs could blend more with the reality like how some western comic adaptation movies able to do.

Overall, I really love the movie and I think it’s definitely worth a watch even though you may not be a manga fan!

Here’s my verdict:

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