[Coverage] 3rd Malaysia Golden Global Awards (MGGA) Red Carpet and Award Ceremony

[Coverage] 3rd Malaysia Golden Global Awards (MGGA) Red Carpet and Award Ceremony

Kuala Lumpur, July 2019 – The 3rd Malaysia Golden Global Awards (MGGA) has taken place on the 20th July 2019 at the prestigious Istana Budaya, Kuala Lumpur. The event was held successfully with the presence of local as well as international filmmakers and artistes!

Red Carpet Ceremony: Gold & Glittering Presence!
The event was graced by many renowned artistes as well as the film industry contributors who are well-recognized. Some of the artistes who were present during the red carpet ceremony include Lee Sinje, Bront Paralae, Fabian Loo, Koe Yeet, Joey Leong, Sherlyn Seo, Carmen Soo, Priscilla Abby, Masya Saritah as well as some international artistes such as Cecilia Yip, Petrina Fung, the legendary martial art superstar Sammo Hung and etc.

Below are some of the photos taken by our chief editor, WLJack during the red carpet ceremony:

Awards Show Kicked Off With 24 Season Drums Performance! Great Appreciation of movies from different countries!
The awards ceremony kicked off with an upbeat 24 seasons drum performance which heated up the atmosphere before the announcement of winners for different categories!

Highlights of the Night!
The night witnessed the presentation of Lifetime Achievement Award to Sammo Hung, the legendary “Big Big Brother in HK Martial Arts Film Industry. The awards presenter was the veteran HK actress Petrina Fung who shared her excitement as well when she presented the awards to Sammo. Sammo Hung was delighted and he mentioned that in the past, if he couldn’t win any award from an award show, he would be satisfied if he could get the prize money. This time, he has finally achieved his goal of winning the award and he felt grateful for receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Two of the biggest winners of the night were definitely the team for “Hat-Trick” and “House of Hummingbird” as both of these films have grabbed away 3 awards respectively.

“Hat-Trick” was awarded the title of “Best Film” in MGGA 2019 as well as sweeping away another two awards which are “Best Supporting Actor” to Saber Abar and “Best Screenplay” to Ramtin Lavafi. Ramtin Lavafi mentioned that it was his birthday a day before the awards show and these awards were the greatest presents for his birthday this year.

Another film which has stolen the limelight of the awards show was “House Of Hummingbird”. Kim Bora who directed “House of Hummingbird” was recognized as the “Best Director” in the third MGGA. The film also won the Best Supporting Actress award and the Best Cinematography award. Kim Bora was thankful for the awards and the supports shown by the juries as well as the audiences. During the press conference post-awards show, she also took the opportunity to introduce the main actress for her film Park Ji-Hoo who is a very talented young actress.

On the other hand, Lukman Sardi from “27 Steps of May” and Sara Bahrami from
“Axing” were awarded as the Best Actor and Best Actress respectively.

The 3rd Malaysia Golden Global Awards was honoured of having Petrina Fung (Hong Kong), Nicholas Saputra (Indonesia), Zig Madamba Dulay (Philippines), U-Wei Haji Saari (Malaysia), Umie Aida (Malaysia), Iedil Putra (Malaysia), Sangeeta Krishnasamy (Malaysia) and Zizan Razak (Malaysia) to be the awards presenters. Besides, Joanne Goh (founder and chairman of Malaysia International Film Festival and Malaysia Golden Global Awards), Kim Dong Ho (Honorary President of Malaysia International Film Festival and Malaysia Golden Global Awards), Kim Hyung Koo (jury panel), Cecilia Yip (jury panel), Sinje Lee (festival ambassador), Bront Palarae (festival ambassador), Dato Hans Isaac (Chairman of FINAS Malaysia) also joined the awards presenter panel of the year.

Other highlights of the show included the performance by Malaysian Singers Priscilla Abby, Masya Masyitah and Amy Search who have mesmerized the audience with their wonderful voices.

3rd Malaysia Golden Global Awards Winners List

Best Film : Hat – Trick

New Hope Award27 Steps of May

Best DirectorKim Bora <House of Hummingbird>

Best ActorLukman Sardi <27 Steps of May>
最佳男主角Lukman Sardi 《梅的二十七步走》

Best Actress: Sara Bahrami <Axing>
最佳女主角Sara Bahrami 《解雇》

Best Supporting Actor: Saber Abar <Hat-Trick>
最佳男配角Saber Abar《帽子戏法》

Best Supporting Actress: Kim Sae-Byuk <House of Hummingbird>
最佳女配角Kim Sae-Byuk《我们与爱的距离》

Best Cinematography: Kang Gook-Hyun <House of Hummingbird>
最佳摄影指导Kang Gook-Hyun 《我们与爱的距离》

Best Screenplay: Ramtin Lavafi <Hat-Trick>
最佳编剧Ramtin Lavafi 《帽子戏法》

3rd MGGA was a great award show that appreciates and recognizes the contributions of filmmakers and artistes. It also embraces the theme of humanity and promotes the industry more positively. Am looking forward to its future edition again!

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Red carpet photography by WLJack.
Awards show photographs – credits to the official photographer (officially released for publication under www.wljack.com )

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