[Coverage] Fish Leong 梁静茹 《我好吗? - 太阳 如常升起》The Sun Also Rises Album Sharing Session

[Coverage] Fish Leong 梁静茹 《我好吗? - 太阳 如常升起》The Sun Also Rises Album Sharing Session

Kuala Lumpur, July 2019 -  After a hiatus of 7 years, Fish Leong 梁静茹 has finally come back with her new album titled《我好吗? - 太阳 如常升起》The Sun Also Rises. An album sharing session was held last Saturday at Pavilion Hotel, Kuala Lumpur by Banyan Tree. The event has attracted hundreds of fans, media and many celebrities who are Fish Leong’s friends. Everyone came here to support the Diva of Mandopop Love Songs, Fish Leong.

Fish Leong with a new album after 7 years of the wait!
It’s been almost 20 years since Fish Leong has debuted. This time around, the fans have waited for 7 years before she released this latest album.  Fish Leong mentioned that she didn’t intend to let the fans wait for so long. She explained that she was trying to adjust her own pace of life and maintain the best state for the recording of her new songs

During the event, My FM Radio Announcer Ah Yoon who hosted the event highlighted that Fish Leong’s latest album this time has a good “budget”. This is because all of the components for this album including the songs, music videos and even promotional events were very well presented and produced in very high quality. All the music videos are shot magnificently like short films. Fish Leong joked that all of her budget from past 7 years was consumed in the making of this album. This would show to the fans of her seriousness in making new music. She also joked that she might consider consuming 10 years for the preparation of the next album.

The promo cover photography this time was done at Canada. It brings back a lot of memories to Fish Leong as this was the first place for the recording of her first album.

During the sharing session, she has discussed some of the songs in this album. One of the songs she talked about was 慢冷”. This song was about how painful/sorrowful a person is if he/she was the party who couldn’t “turn cold” (let go) easily in a broken relationship. It’s a song which belongs to the same category as 可惜不是你 and “崇拜”.

For this album, she also wrote lyrics for the song “平行时空”.  The message she hopes to deliver via this song is that Love can cross any borders of dimensions. Fish also shared regarding her wish for the next album. She hopes that the next album can consist of a “one person in charge” concept in which it only consists of one writer, one composer and one producer for all songs. She felt that a music album would be more unique this way.

During the event, Kenny Ong (Managing Director for Malaysia, Singapore, IndoChina Of Universal Music Group) has presented souvenirs to Fish Leong. Kenny mentioned that whenever he asked anyone else from other countries to name a popular singer from Malaysia, the answer would be Fish Leong. He hopes that Fish Leong can have a concert in Malaysia some day in the future.

Apart from this, Fish Leong has performed LIVE with one of her new songs titled 如爱所愿”. What a beautiful voice she has!

The event ended with Fish Leong signing autograph for the fans.

Source: From Fanfan's Instagram

Fun facts, during the same day, actually Fanfan 范玮琪 was staying at the same hotel that this event was held. They even had a short personal meet-up session before they proceeded with their own promotional activities.

Stay tuned to check out my coverage on Fan Fan’s press conference & concert next!

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