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Thursday, 4 July 2019



Kuala Lumpur, July 2019 – Last weekend was a blast! Apart from Kpop Concert 2019 GFRIEND ASIA TOUR “GO GO GFRIEND!” LIVE IN KUALA LUMPUR (Check out our article: https://www.wljack.com/2019/07/coverage-2019-gfriend-asia-tour-go-go.html ), Dennis Lau & Friends: The Chosen 2019 Concert has also taken place at Mega Star Arena!

Multiracial Artistes! Great Rendition of Music!
THE CHOSEN featured multiracial blend of artistes including Dennis Lau himself alongside his friends that consisted of Dewi Seriestha, Namewee 黃明志, Aisyah Aziz, Lee Elaine, Fara Dolhadi, Sobhi Shaker, Jimmy Sax, Jeryl Lee, NAMA and etc. It was not just an epic concert, but was also a gathering of friends whereby the bunch of talented people get to express themselves as freely as they could in music!

Besides, the concert also promotes “Give Back” movement which introduces the four young talents from Teach For Malaysia (TFM) schools. These four youngsters with the names of Stacy Jean Toolseram (17), Nursyasya Batrisyia Binti Zulkiflee (15), Dania Hidayah Binti Mohd Ridzuan (17) and Razin Aiman bin Mazhan (18) were given once-in-a-lifetime experience of a six-month Masterclass & Mentorship programme with Dennis Lau and Fara Dolhadi. They were even given a chance to collaborate with great artistes in the song “Esok”, a song which promotes limitless opportunities, love, peace and equality.

“The past six months has been very fulfilling for me personally as I journeyed with the four students and witnessed their transformation and growth. They have so much potentials in them and I am so proud to have been a part of this programme to ‘Give Back’. I look forward to continue the journey of Masterclass with them and to see where this adventure will bring them in their careers,” shared Dennis.

Kick Off with Magic Show!
The event which was held at Mega Star Arena @ Viva began with spectacular magic show by Asia’s Got Talent Finalist, Sobhi Shaker. It was then followed by the performances of Jimmy Sax, Fara Dolhadi, Namewee and Dewi Seriestha alongside Dennis Lau who played the Viper Violin!

Next, Jeryl Lee, Lee Elaine, Fara and NAMA performed ‘A Kind of Sorrow’ together on stage. It was a very nice cover by great voices!

During the concert, we also get the see the ultimate LIVE Version of Namewee’s “飘向北方featuring melodic voice of Fara and jaw-dropping violin play by Dennis Lau! This was by far the best LIVE version of that song that I have ever heard!

Dennis Lau made a change of outfit and instrument of choice during the final slot. He has performed ‘the Journey’ with his Phoenix violin solo. One of the highlight of the evening was when all the artistes (Dennis Lau & Friends) performed ‘Esok’ together with the children from TFM.

Aisyah Aziz then took the stage next with ‘Abadi Kita’ followed by the finale – a Bruno Mars Medley. Last but not least, the concert came to an end with an encore performance by Dewi titled “Mahkota

For this extraordinary concert, Dennis Lau had a new violin specially commissioned from renowned luthier Alistair Hay.  The same designer also custom made two of Dennis Lau’s violins previously – the Phoenix and the Dragon violins. Several years back, Dennis Lau was besotted when he saw superstar Wang Lee Hom playing a dragon-shaped guitar. He learned that the guitar was the handicraft of Alistair, a custom designer at Emerald Guitars at Cavanacaw, Ireland and proceeded to commission him for the Phoenix violin, followed by the Dragon violin.

‘My violins are tools that I use to express myself as a musician.  They allow me to best channel my soul and energy into it and are tools to help reach my goals of showcasing the energy, hopes and dreams of every song I play for the audience,” shared Dennis.

Overall, it was quite a memorable concert with great music! It’s also worth highlighting that a portion of the concert ticket proceeds will go to Teach for Malaysia to support its mission to end education inequity. Great job, Dennis and friends!

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