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Thursday, 20 September 2018

[Coverage] Taiwan X Malaysia Musician Exchange Taiwan Night Showcase

[Coverage] Taiwan X Malaysia Musician Exchange Media Taiwan Beats Showcase

Kuala Lumpur, September 2018 - Taiwan X Malaysia Musician Exchange, Music Showcase was in the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (KLPAC) on 3rd September 2018. It was a great musical night with a variety of singing performances from Taiwan Musicians!

Kick starting the night, Reza Salleh took the stage, backed by a trio consisting of bass guitar, violin and percussion. Although for many in that hall, it was their encounter with Reza (myself included), many fell under his spell even before the first song ended. Reza’s music is easily relatable, based upon the most common things/scenarios around us daily.

Next up was Kowen 柯智棠, who was performing for the first time in Malaysia. His unique voice, husky and full of emotion captivated the audience from the first note itself. Kowen was backed by his band, whom stood by him through the production of his latest album 吟游.

Fang Wu 吳汶芳 ’s performance started off with an interesting opening, featuring sounds from recyclable items. The band collected unwanted items like cardboard boxes, plastic bottles, chips container, etc. from around KL; and made them into instruments and incorporating into the first song. Fang’s set was ocean and nature-preservation themed. During her performance, Fang also shared with the audience that she is incorporating environmental preservation into her daily life. For example, bringing own eating utensils instead of using the disposable ones; and bringing along a water bottle instead of just buying a disposable drinking water bottle.

During Paudull 陳建年’s performance, he was slightly nervous that even his hands were trembling. He was worried whether his music will be accepted here. However, the crowd was instantly mesmerized by his voice and music. Throughout the performance, Paudull’s sincerity and pleasant attitude made him a crowd favourite. Paudull also prepared a surprise for the audience when he suddenly added the local favorite “Rasa Sayang” into his performance. After his 40mins performance, the crowd were still eager for more, and he went back on stage for a last encore song.

Set list:
Reza Salleh: Make or breakYou know i like youDelayYears & DaysPutera JayaDo you rememberWhat the hell just happened I’m not really sure
Kowen Ko: Man Without a Mission》、《無關拯救的事》、《找到我》、《遠走》、《懶散與害怕》、《荒謬》、《聽見》、《You are
Wen Fang: 《我來自》、《無窮》、《水》、《我在哪裡》、《心之所向》、《孤單的總和》、《還島快樂》、《迷路汪洋》、《美好》、《指南》
Paudull: Hen hen hen》、《Yinaba yu ddia》、《美麗的稻穗》、《馬當情歌》、《故鄉普悠瑪》、《想你一切都好》、《台東心蘭花情》、《海洋》、《太巴塱之歌》

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Covered by Co-editor Sing Ean.
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