[Coverage] Taiwan X Malaysia Musician Exchange Media Reception Event

[Coverage] Taiwan X Malaysia Musician Exchange Media Reception Event

Media Reception Event
Kuala Lumpur, September 2018 - Taiwan X Malaysia Musician Exchange, officially supported by the Bureau of Audiovisual and Music Industry Development (BAMID) of Taiwan; held its first ever event in the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (KLPAC) on 3rd September 2018. This event aims to build strong bilateral relationship of the music industry in both countries, improve business networking, broaden the market, and deepen the cultural and economic cooperation between countries.

A mix of 50 Taiwanese & Malaysian delegates were present during the event. Most of them representatives of music industry-related companies/institutions, such as: music company, artist management company, music streaming services, music journals, music festival/event organizers, radio stations, music producers, etc. The team will also be heading to Thailand and Japan later this year, and plan to explore Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam next year.

Paudull陳建年, often referred to as the simplest and purest voice in Taiwan. He recently retired as a policeman at the East of Taiwan last September. During a short session with him after the reception, he jokingly said that he’s under a lot of pressure from fans, as it has been 16 years since his 2nd album release. However, he mentioned that he is constantly looking for inspiration and learning new things every day; and hopefully there will be some new songs from him soon. As a member of the Pinuyumayan (also known as Peinan 卑南) tribe, Paudull greeted the audience with his tribe language. Paudull was very happy to find that there are a lot of similarities that he can identify between his homeland and Malaysia, certain pronunciation of words, even the skin colour. This made him felt very at home in Malaysia, even if it is his first time here.

This was actually Fang Wu 吳汶芳’s second time in Malaysia. She once visited Langkawi Island for a personal trip, and she misses Malaysian food a lot. Fang shared that she loves surfing and diving, and she would be performing a lot of ocean-themed songs from her latest album. She is also very concern about the ocean trash issues, and hopes to incorporate more of nature preservation messages in her future songs. We asked her if she has any specific Malaysian that she’d like to collaborate with. Fang revealed that she was very much influenced by Penny Tai when she first started song-writing, and she would love to collaborate with Penny in future.

Kowen Ko 柯智棠 just released his latest album 《吟游》a month ago and he’s currently on tour with his band. Unlike his previous music, which is relatively peaceful and calming; this new album portrays a more rock version of Kowen. Coming from a family of singer-song writers, he was asked if there’s any chance of him collaborating with his cousin sisters Waa Wei魏如萱 and Queen Wei魏如昀. He replied that so far there hasn’t been any chance yet, but who knows what the future holds.

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