[Event Coverage] PWH30 Awards Show “娱协 30 颁奖典礼”

[Event Coverage] PWH30 Awards Show “娱协 30 颁奖典礼

Kuala Lumpur, June 2018 – One of the most anticipated awards show of the year PWH 30 Awards “娱协 30 颁奖典礼has taken place last week and it was a great assemble of Malaysian finest Mandopop artistes, musicians and people who have contributed a lot in the Malaysian Mandopop industry. Our team is very grateful to be given the golden opportunity to do a coverage on the show.

Touching Performances Throughout the show!
The show kicked off strong with the artistes performing PWH 30 Awards “娱协 30 颁奖典礼” theme song, “Star”! It was a memorable and touching moment to see all of them performing on stage together for a meaningful song like this.

Besides the opening act, the singing performances throughout the whole show feature all the renowned Malaysian production songs. Some of these songs consist of classics which don’t age at all and still as melodious as ever.

During the finale, we were also treated with the medley of the awards-winning Malaysian Mandopop songs from previous PWH Award Shows. Some were performed by the original artistes while some were covers from the budding newcomers in the industry.

Namewee Won Big!
Namewee was the limelight of the show as he have been given a lot of recognitions in this latest PWH 30 Award Show.

This award show has presented to him, the awards which he truly deserved. Namewee 黃明志 has grabbed away十大原創歌曲獎(國際組)[Top 10 Original Song (International)] , 最佳原創金曲 [Best Original Song Award] ,最受歡迎K歌金獎 [Favourite Karaoke Song Award (Gold)] ,最佳作詞  [Best Lyricist Award] and 最佳歌曲製作獎 [Best Song Production Award]. I believed a lot of his fans were happy for him too as he is truly a talented artiste. Great job Namewee! Hopefully he can continue to make a lot more great music in the future!

Aki Huang The Biggest Female Winner Of The Night!
Aki黃淑惠 has become the biggest female winner of the night by winning away 4 awards including十大原創歌曲獎(國際組)[Top 10 Original Song (International)] with the song she wrote for Hebe, while her own songs 《嘿》and《黑》have won away十大原創歌曲獎(本地組) [Top 10 Original Song (Local)] . The album《嘿》helped her won away最佳流行專輯獎 [Best Popular Album Award]. Congratulations to Aki for winning big!

Nicholas Teo, Media Recommendation Awards!
Nicholas Teo 張棟樑 who has debuted since 15 years ago was crowned one of the most prestigious awards of the night, 傳媒推薦大獎 [Media Recommendation Award]. This award was based on an artiste’s reputation and musical talent. Over the course of past few years, we have seen a prominent change of style in Nicholas’s singing especially via his album 《怎樣的張棟樑EP. Despite the change, he has shown us a more mature side of him in presenting his singing. He truly deserved the awards.

Best Newcomer Awards!
Another highlight awards of the night was 《娛協30》新人推薦獎 [PWH30 Newcomer Award]. This year PWH30 has put a great emphasize on this award and we have seen a great competition between a few of the multitalented newcomer singers.

Ultimately, Jeryl Lee 李佩玲 was the winner for the awards while Daniel Chezi 車志立 was the first runner up for the award.

Overall, PWH30 Awards Show “娱协 30 颁奖典礼”was a very meaningful, memorable and successful awards show.  The event was fully supported by mm2sponsored by Red Box and Green Box Karaoke and Cuckoo and Astro as media partner. Million thanks to the committee members for putting in so much effort to make the show such a great one!

Full List of winners PWH30 Awards Show “娱协 30 颁奖典礼:
Media Recommendation Award傳媒推荐大獎:Nicholas Teo 張棟樑
Best Original Song Award最佳原創金曲獎:Namewee黃明志featuring王力宏《漂向北方》
Best Singer Award最佳演繹歌手獎:何芸妮《一個人的自己》
Newcomer Award 新人推荐獎:(金)Jeryl Lee李佩玲(銀)Daniel車志立(銅)林明禎
Best Group Award最佳團體獎:Fuying & Sam

Top 10 Original Song (Local) 十大原創歌曲獎(本地組)
2.張棟樑《人生沒有如果》詞:管啟源 曲:陳子超
3.雲鎂鑫《喜馬拉雅》詞:宇珩、管啟源 曲:宇珩
5.何芸妮《一個人的自己》 詞:王裕宗、何芸妮 曲:潘沁珈
6.陳慧恬《勝女》詞:王藍茵 曲:陳奕勤
7.東于哲《象》 詞曲:陳奕勤
10.張棟樑《年華》詞:管啟源 曲:陳子超

Best Independent Original Album Award最佳獨立原創專輯獎Wee陳漢偉《旅人》 製作人:李先龍
Best Popular Album Award最佳流行專輯獎:Aki黃淑惠《嘿》 製作人:鄭可望
Best Mini Album Award最佳迷你專輯獎:張棟樑《怎樣的張棟樑EP 製作人:張棟樑、管啟源、陳子超
Best Classic Album Award 最佳經典流行專輯獎:郭晶麗《珍惜擁有時》 製作人:彭學斌、汪榮木
Best Chinese New Year Album Award最佳賀歲專輯獎:鍾盛忠、鍾曉玉《美好新年》 製作人:鍾盛忠

Best Dialect Song Award最佳原創方言歌曲獎:凌加峻、MC Bee《一切正常》詞:凌加峻、MC Bee 曲:凌加峻
Best TV/Movie Song Award 最佳電視/電影歌曲獎: 宇田《小天地》(電影《我來自紐約》)詞:張爵西 曲:宇田、黃子達
Best Digital Single Award最佳數位單曲獎:宇田《蝌蚪》 詞:卡夕 曲:Bell宇田
Best Classic Song Award 最佳經典流行歌曲獎:郭雯雯《燦爛星光》填詞:紀德喜 作曲:鄭國亮

Best Arrangement Award最佳編曲獎:郭修彧featuring.葛仲珊《EXTRICATION 編曲:鄺晅恒
Best Song Production Award最佳歌曲製作獎:黃明志featuring王力宏《漂向北方》 製作:黃明志
Best Composer Award最佳作曲獎:趙傳《感謝你》 曲:莊蔚義、雷振光
Best Lyricist Award最佳作詞獎:黃明志featuring王力宏《漂向北方》 填詞:黃明志
Best Music Video Award最佳音樂錄影帶獎:宇田《蝌蚪》 導演:ahfatt aka landhell
Best Album Cover Design Award最佳專輯封套設計獎:Janet Lee《辰胭》 設計者:一亻一半Kongsi design

Favourite Karaoke Song Award最受歡迎K歌獎:
(銀)蔡恩雨《I Love The Sky

Outstanding Performing Award傑出表現獎:張賜麟、周翠玲
Special Contribution Award特別貢獻獎:激蕩工作坊

That’s all from our team. Hope you guys enjoy the coverage and continue to support Malaysia Mandopop industry!

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