[Coverage] Music From Anime by Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra

[Coverage] Music From Anime by Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra

Kuala Lumpur, June 2018 – Still recall our previous post about “Music From Anime”? (Check out the link here: http://www.wljack.com/2018/05/upcoming-event-music-from-anime-by.html ) We have done a concert coverage on the show and we really enjoyed the show very much!

Anime Soundtrack Brought To Live!
Most people may have a pre-occupied opinion that Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra only present classical songs for the audiences. That is a misconception, as MPO has also taken into account of the younger audiences and introduces modern play such as “Music From Anime” which is obviously targeting the youth who are into the Anime Culture.

“Music From Anime” was a really pleasant experience for us as we get to indulge into the orchestrated soundtrack from our favourite anime such as Anpanman, Hayao Miyazaki’s Howl’s Moving Castle, Laputa: Castle In The Sky, Ponyo On The Cliff, Space Battleship Yamato and last but not least, My Neighbour TOTORO!

The show kicked off with the song Anpanman No March which was very catchy and memorable. It was then followed by the Symphonic Variation Merry-Go-Round and Cave of Mind (Howl’s Moving Castle) that was based on the arrangement by Joe Hisaishi. These two pieces were very soulful and took the form of a lovely waltz.

The next song being performed was Kimi Wo Nosete (Carrying You) from Laputa: Castle In The Sky. The song begins and remains in the minor mode but ends triumphantly in tonic major. Following this, Gake Ne Ue No Ponyo was played by the orchestra. Apart from the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra, this show also featured the children choir from Japanese School of Kuala Lumpur Children’s Chorus that has added an additional layer of melody to the already impressive music play.

After the interval of resting, the audiences were treated with the vibrant Orchestral suite from Yamato. It was really an exciting musical composition.

Lastly, we were brought on a journey to explore the adventure of My Neighbour TOTORO via MPO’s Orchestra Stories that include eight separate character pieces such as Stroll, The Village in May, Travelling Soot – Mother, It Was TOTORO!, The Path Of The Wind, A Lost Child, Catbus and My Neighbour TOTORO! It was really an astounding experience as the scenes of the anime actually appeared inside of our minds as the pieces were performed!

We really enjoyed the performance by the conductor Naohisa Furusawa. He was especially energetic and youthful during this show. The dynamic he has with the whole team of orchestra was really remarkable. He also added a surprise to the show during the closing when he actually dressed up in a TOTORO Costume and performed the encore version of My Neighbour TOTORO!

Overall, the show was a pleasant addition to the series of show which Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra offers. I really wish MPO can continue to add more of this similar type of shows.

Anyway, we hope all of you can check out MPO Website (http://mpo.com.my/) for more upcoming musical greatness here. Here, you can find Music That Moves You!

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