[Coverage] Little Taiwan Calling Music Festival 2018 呼叫音樂節 2018

[Coverage] Little Taiwan Calling Music Festival 2018 呼叫音樂節 2018

Kuala Lumpur, February 2018 – Last weekend, our media team from www.wljack.com has attended an amazing 7-hours long Taiwanese Indie Music In-Door Festival, titled as "Little Taiwan Calling Music Festival"!

"Little Taiwan Calling Music Festival" has been touring around Hong-Kong & Mainland China. Finally it has arrived in Malaysia and was held at Bentley Music Auditorium, Mutiara Damansara last weekend on 10th February 2018!

Rocking Great Concert!
Featuring wonderful line-ups of Riva Jan, Crispy, Zooey Wonder, Jade Eyes, Arvan (Aki Huang + Gideon Alu8Khan Chen), Frande and Hello Nico, all the attendees including our team has enjoyed it very much!

The first act which has kicked off the show was Riva Jan. Performing solo with her guitar, Riva Jan has brought a great start to the show with a mesmerizing acoustic performance.

Following Riva Jan’s performance was Crispy the band, which is filled with a lot of youthful spirit. The songs they performed were very relatable with the high school feel. One of their song is about getting 100 marks in exam. They even lead the crowd to sing-along with the phrase “get 100 marks in exam” during the performance.

Being the only representative from Malaysia, Aki Huang with the band Arvan (Gideon Alu8Khan Chen ) never disappoints the fans! They have brought a more rocking performance on stage and have heated up the hype in the venue! It was a very exciting performance.

Jade Eyes on the other hand is a female band that infuses their songs with electronic music. Their songs are quite catchy and their style is really admirable!

Although there was some minor technical error during Zooey Wonder 黄玠玮’s performance, the performer has responded very well and provided a really solid melodious performance to the crowd!

The second last act was Frande法兰黛乐团, who has mentioned to the audience that this was their first time performing in Malaysia. The main female vocalist has a really unique and powerful voice! In addition to that, she also has a very cute on-stage personality! I believe a lot of people would have fallen in love with this band after seeing their performance!

The final act was Hello Nico. Most audience were shouting and screaming in joy as they see them perform. Their performance was really distinctive and remarkable. Most notable ones would be the performance by the main female vocalist 詹宇庭. She came on stage with a very “high” state, some may even mistook her for being drunk. However, her body languages, her movements and her spectacular voice have definitely stolen the limelight of the show. She has also interacted a lot with the fans such as jumping to another platform which is nearer to the audiences, holding the fans’ hands and etc. There is totally no doubt that Hello Nico’s performance was the peak of the show!

We really appreciate Dongtaidu 动态度’s effort in bringing this astonishing Taiwan Indie Music Festival to Malaysia! Although some of us might not be too familiar with the performers’ songs, I have to admit that these indie bands’ songs are actually very impressive!

Do stay tuned to Dongtaidu’s Facebook page and give them some support! We wish to catch more of such similar events again in the future!

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Event was covered by Chief Editor WLJack and Co-editor Sing Ean.
Published by WLJack.

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