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Monday, 24 April 2017

[Local Entertainment] One FM 《帮到你-Green Green计划》

[Local Entertainment] One FM 《帮到你-Green Green计划》

Selangor, April 2017 – In conjunction with World Earth DayOne FM《帮到你-Green Green计划》 has brought a whole team of celebrities and their audiences to Mari House共享农田 to learn how to grow organic vegetables. Through the activity, everyone could experience a day of being a farmer.

The celebrities who took part in the activity include, One FM Radio Announcer Nicholas翁书尉、Angeline黄玉丽、Hana张心怡、William辛伟廉、Brandon赵正颖、singer Hanz郭文翰& 云镁鑫. Besides, One FM has also gathered 20 passionate fans to participate in this eventOne FM帮到你Green Green计划》to play a role in World Earth Day.

Mari House共享农田 is located at Rawang and is a farm which is moderate in size. During the event, the person-in-charge taught the participants on how to grow plants without the use of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. Apart from that, the celebrities and fans get to have a picnic together. During the activity, singers Hanz郭文翰 and 云镁鑫 even performed their songs to everyone who were there.

It’s definitely a very healthy activity to take part in!

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