[Coverage] Influence Asia 2017

[Coverage] Influence Asia 2017

Kuala Lumpur, April 2017 – One of the largest social media awards in Asia, Influence Asia 2017 has just happened last week. The event was an exciting gathering of prominent figures in social media, namely the Influencers.

Thanks to Dan Khoo for extending an extra ticket to me and also thanks to my buddy Tian Chad (from tianchad.com) for giving a chance to my co-editor to tag along in this happening event.

Social Media Influencers Grand Assemble!
The event has involved the participation of influencers from a few countries including Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippine, Thailand, Vietnam and Korea. The awards for each countries respectively include Top Lifestyle Influencer, Top Fashion Influencer, Top Beauty Influencer, Top Health & Fitness Influencer, Top Food Influencer, Top Parenting Influencer, Top Youtube Personality, Top Youtube Channel, Top Breakout Influener, Influencer of the Year and a Malaysia-exclusive Influencers’ Choice Awards. The nominees are popular icons in social media which I am sure all of you are totally familiar with. Even the cute Korean babies Yebin and Dobin were here!

The show was also graced by International-class performers and also some high profile social media Influencers as the guest presenters such as Carli Bybel, Shannon Harris, ItsJudyTime, Sririta Jensen, Lily Mac Mac and VICE.

Jessica Jung, The Main Limelight Performer of the Night!
Without a doubt, Jessica was one of the main attention of the night. With her sweet voice and energetic dance moves, all of the fans were mesmerized by her when she performed her solo tracks Fly and Wonderland.

Nonetheless, all the other performers including TheLionCityBoy, Tulus, Noo Phuoc Thinh, DEFAM, Project E.A.R have also heated up the show for the audiences too!

Biggest Winner Of The Night, Jinnyboy!

The biggest winner of the night was definitely Jinnyboy who won four awards including Influencers’ Choice Awards, Top YouTube Personality, Top YouTube Channel and Influencer of the Year. During his speech for Influencers’ Choice Awards, he mentioned, “We all come from background where people used to make fun of us and said that “you guys are idiots.”. We are still idiots. We got an award, so we are confirmed Idiots. But the thing is, we all started Youtube, did not know what we wanted to do. We are making stupid videos and getting kicked out of schools and malls. Security guards not wanting us to shoot wherever they are. But because of people like yourself, watching Youtube everyday and sharing the videos. We are able to make this a career. This award is not really for us, but for everyone who watches Youtube. Thank you!” Another two winners sharing the Influencers’ Choice Awards are Dan Khoo and Dennis Yin.

Other winners of the night are as listed below.

Influence Asia 2017 Winners List
Top Lifestyle Influencer - Naomi Neo
Top Fashion Influencer - Mae Tan
Top Beauty Influencer - Miyake Ng
Top Health & Fitness Influencer - Sandra Riley Tang
Top Food Influencer - Daniel Ang (DanielFoodDiary)
Top Parenting Influencer - Amber Yong (Leia Lauren)
Top YouTube Personality - Yan Kay Kay
Top YouTube Channel - Wah!Banana
Top Breakout Influencer - Michelle Tan (Night Owl Cinematics)
Influencer of the Year - Eden Ang

Influencers’ Choice Awards
Dan Khoo Productions
Dennis Yin

Top Lifestyle Influencer - Cupcake Aisyah
Top Fashion Influencer - Emma Shazleen Ali
Top Beauty Influencer - Chanwon
Top Health & Fitness Influencer - Joanna Soh
Top Food Influencer - Eunice Martin
Top Parenting Influencer - Cheesie
Top YouTube Personality - Jin Lim (Jinnyboy)
Top YouTube Channel - JinnyboyTV
Top Breakout Influencer - Luqman Podolski
Influencer of the Year - JinnyboyTV

Top Lifestyle Influencer - Elle Yamada
Top Fashion Influencer - Ria Miranda
Top Beauty Influencer - Cindercella
Top Health & Fitness Influencer - Melanie Putria
Top Food Influencer - Anak Jajan
Top Parenting Influencer - Jennifer Bachdim
Top YouTube Personality - Arief Muhammad
Top YouTube Channel - Tim2One
Top Breakout Influencer - Jennifer Bachdim
Influencer of the Year - Arief Muhammad

Top Lifestyle Influencer - Joyce Pring
Top Fashion Influencer - Tricia Gosingtian
Top Beauty Influencer - Janina Vela
Top Health & Fitness Influencer - Gretchen Ho
Top Food Influencer - Cheryl Tiu
Top Parenting Influencer - Andi Manzano
Top YouTube Personality - Lloyd Cadena
Top YouTube Channel - Wil Dasovich
Top Breakout Influencer - Wil Dasovich
Influencer of the Year - Wil Dasovich

Top Lifestyle Influencer - Pimtha
Top Fashion Influencer - JuneJune Patcha
Top Beauty Influencer - Nutty Ploy
Top Health & Fitness Influencer - Meiji Anorma
Top Food Influencer - Starving Time
Top Parenting Influencer - Ploy Chidjun
Top YouTube Personality - Jannine Weigel
Top YouTube Channel - MyMateNate
Top Breakout Influencer - Claudine Craig
Influencer of the Year - VRZO

Top Lifestyle Influencer - Sub Cho (Josub)
Top Fashion Influencer - Nanjeong Lee
Top Beauty Influencer - Suhye Park (Ssinnim)
Top Health & Fitness Influencer - Euddeum Shim
Top Food Influencer - Mansu Jung (Banzz)
Top Parenting Influencer - Yebeen Kim (Yebin)
Top YouTube Personality - Joel Bennett
Top YouTube Channel - Suhye Park (Ssinnim)
Top Breakout Influencer - 1 Million Dance Studio
Influencer of the Year - Mansu Jung (Banzz)

Top Lifestyle Influencer - Vu Phuong Thanh (Gao)
Top Fashion Influencer - Chau Bui
Top Beauty Influencer - Changmakeup (Trang Ngo)
Top Health & Fitness Influencer - Linn Nguyen (Erin)
Top Food Influencer - Phanh Anh Esheep
Top Parenting Influencer - Vu Phuong Thanh (Gao)
Top YouTube Personality - JVEvermind
Top YouTube Channel - Fap TV
Top Breakout Influencer - Rocker Nguyen
Influencer of the Year - Mai Ngo

Although Influence Asia 2017 was overrun due to the delay in the beginning and the long windy list of awards, the show is worth coming for, to celebrate the efforts and contributions by the social media influencers! (Still curious about what is hidden inside the balloons on top of the hall which was planned to be “rained down” during the show. But it didn’t happen.)

Once again, thanks Dan Khoo and TianChad for sparing passes for our website to do a coverage on the event.

Below are some selfies I took during the event!

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