[Press Conference Coverage] Roy Kim Promo Tour In Malaysia Press Conference @ Pullman Hotel

[Press Conference Coverage] Roy Kim Promo Tour In Malaysia Press Conference @ Pullman Hotel

Kuala Lumpur, August 2016 – Roy Kim, a South Korean singer, songwriter has come to Malaysia to meet his fans for the first time. Our team from wljack.com has been given a golden opportunity to do a coverage on his press conference which was held in Pullman Hotel, Bangsar today!

Venue: Pullman Hotel, Bangsar
Date: 26th August 2016
Time: 10am

Roy Kim Greeted The Malaysian Media! He was playing Pokemon Go?
Roy Kim appeared in Pullman Hotel this morning and had an early meet & greet with the Malaysian media members. As he entered into the conference room, he told everyone that he was actually playing Pokemon Go in Malaysia. He is currently at Level 7 because he just started to play the game. Host emcee Emily Poon informed him that he is at the right place to play the game because there are many Pokemons available around Bangsar area.

When did he first started writing a song?
Roy Kim mentioned that he first started writing a song and singing it was during his high school time. It was part of his homework that time.

Parents Not Keen For Him To Become a Singer!
Roy Kim never expected himself to be able to become a singer. He said that his parents were not too interested for him to become one. Thus, he also found it reluctant to show his parents his production even until now.

Tired Of Singing?
There were times whereby Roy Kim actually felt tired of singing. It was when he first debuted at 19 years old. That time was his starting up years and he felt tired because he was singing just for work but not totally enjoying it. However, things get better for him now and he likes it.

Preference to be known as Singer or Songwriter?
When asked on whether Roy Kim preferred to be known as a singer or a songwriter. He said that he would be happy to become both.

Roy Kim’s Favourite Singer?
Roy Kim likes the songs by Damien Rice. On further questioning, he mentioned that he is now writing a new song while he is in Malaysia which is a bit of Damien Rice Style. When it is release, the song is going to be sort of a “Made in Malaysia”.

What Is Roy Kim’s Favourite Songs From His Own?
It is hard for him to choose because all of his own songs were like his own babies. But if he really has to choose, it would be Home.

Would you define yourself as a weird dude? What is the weirdest things that you have done?
Roy Kim admitted that he may be one of those weird ones. But he is a good mannered ones.

The weirdest thing that he has ever done was creating a song which sounded beautifully after he has taken some Korean liquor. It happened during a time whereby he was drunk alongside with his producer and they actually wrote a song which sounded nice at that moment. As they woke up from their hangover, they realized that the song actually sounded like a crap and he has to re-record it.

What’s Roy Kim’s Future Plans?
Roy Kim has released three full albums so far for the past 3 years. He hopes to tour around and rests after this. He also mentioned that he didn’t actively go for TV Shows for the past 3 years because he wanted to stay fully focused to his singing career. However, this year he has started to go for some TV Shows and it went well for him. He would like to try more but he had to go back to school in Washington soon.

For the upcoming three to four months, he will continue to be a student before he can start to work again for his new songs.

Roy Kim likes being both a student as well as being a singer. He hasn’t been resting that much when he is being a singer. Thus, going back to school as a student would be considered as a “rest” for him.

That’s all for the press conference coverage. Roy Kim would be going on for a promo tour in Malaysia for these two days. Here are the details of his tour:

Roy Kim Malaysia Showcase 2016
Date: 26th August 2016
Time: 7.30pm
Venue: Upper Atrium, Level UG, Paradigm Mall
(Meet and Greet Session, Photocard giving, album signing event)

My FM Dare Dare Come 2.0 Go!
Date: 27th August 2016
Time: 2.00pm
Venue: SJK (C) Sam Chai, Ipoh

Well, do check out his showcase and My FM Dare Dare Come 2.0 Go! That’s all from me. Stay tuned to Wljack.com for more Malaysia entertainment news and events!

Saw one of my friend Caleb from The Salad Show during the press conference

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