[Coverage] FANTASY Thomas Jack’s Concert 东于哲 FANTASY 首场售票演唱会 @ Stadium Negara, Kuala Lumpur

[Coverage] FANTASY Thomas Jack’s Concert 东于哲 FANTASY 首场售票演唱会 @ Stadium Negara, Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur, August 2016 FANTASY Thomas Jack’s Concert 东于哲 FANTASY 首场售票演唱会 just happened last weekend at Stadium Negara. It was their first concert after 7 years since debut and it was a really great success! Our team from wljack.com has been given a chance to do a coverage on the event!

FANTASY Thomas Jack’s Concert 东于哲 FANTASY 首场售票演唱会
Date: 20th August 2016
Time: 8pm
Venue: Stadium Negara

Kick Off The Show With Energetic Dance And Astonishing Background Visuals!
The fantastic concert started with an energetic entrance by both Thomas and Jack with their vibrant moves alongside a breathtaking background visuals! The first song sang was 我就是谁”. Every fans on the floor were screaming in joy as they see their favourite idols performed on stage!

Finally, After 7 Years Of Wait!
Thomas Jack (TJ) took their time to interact with their fans in between their songs. They said that they were very delighted to finally make the concert happened after 7 years of hardworks since their debut. It was a really meaningful night for them!

Throughout the show, footages of their journey were also shown on-screen which has brought back many memories to them as well as to their fans!

Gui Gui’s (鬼鬼吴映) as Guest Appearance!
During the performance of TJ’s 躲猫猫”, Gui Gui’s (鬼鬼吴映洁, the Taiwanese Mandopop artiste suddenly appeared on stage and blended in to their performance of that song. The bubbly artiste then performed another song on stage which was Joyce Chu’s “好想你.

Medley With An Array Of Very Familiar Songs!
Apart from performing their own songs, TJ also performed a medley consisting of very familiar songs especially for the generations who were born at 90s and beyond. The medley they sang included songs like Everybody, Bye Bye Bye, As Long as you love me,  My Love, 恋人未满,我难过,流星雨 as well as Kpop songs like Gee, Sorry Sorry, Rising Sun, Bang Bang Bang.

Michael Wong 光良 Special Guest Appearance!
Apart from Gui Gui, another major guest appearance during the show was no one other than Michael Wong光良Malaysian most prestigious Mandopop singer. He appeared right after TJ performed the song of 光良唱过我的故事”.

As he appeared on stage, he has performed a few of his songs like 掌心, 第一次, 勇气and 童话 with TJ.

During his moments on stage, he mentioned how things have changed regarding fans response towards duo groups nowadays. When he performed on stage that night, it reminded him some of his times as 無印良品 (光良品冠).

Great Interaction With Fans!
Apart from having a selfie on stage with the crowd behind, they also went down to the floor to greet their fans!

There were some really touching moments in the concert. One of it was when the fans raised up their supportive message flags to TJ! It’s a really heartwarming moment!

TJ Went All Out! Show of their bodies on stage?!!
During one of the gap in between their performances, they showed a footage of TJ in the backstage changing their performing attires. They teased the fans in the footage with their bodies.

Later on, they brought it on stage as well showing off their well-built bodies on stage. This is definitely an all out effort by TJ to their fans!

Fantastic Finale For Fantasy Concert!
In addition to the upbeat performance by TJ, there was an amazing finale for the show. The concert ended with the last song  which has also featured a marching band. It was a real grand finale to a great concert!

The fans were hoping for an encore for the show. Although there was no encore songs, TJ provided a unique encore finishing whereby 小东 did a stunning dance move before the final closing of the concert.

Back On Stage To Talk To The Fans!
Thomas Jack is one of those artistes which really care about their fans. Right after the show, they actually went back on stage to talk and interact with their fans. The fans were very happy to see them back on stage for a brief little gathering.

This concert was joint organized by Galaxy Group ( 银河集团 ) and More Entertainment 摩爾娛樂Main sponsored by Honor, Co-sponsored by Jasmine, Redbox Greenbox Karaoke, MY FM as official radio station, 8TV ntv7 as media partner, Sunway Putra Hotel as official hotel, 面对面板面专卖店 as official restaurant, Spectrum as official advertisement board partner, special thanks to Universal Music Malaysia, Audio Synergy and Screenpaper.

Overall, it was a really spectacular concert! Me and my co-editor Thin Wy enjoyed it very much! Million thanks to More Entertainment 摩爾娛樂 for inviting us to cover the show!

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