[Movie Review] The Conjuring 2

[Movie Review] The Conjuring 2

The Conjuring 2 follows the two main protagonists Ed and Lorraine Warren as they travel to London to investigate on an abnormal event whereby a single mother Peggy Hodgson believes that something evil is happening in her home. There are signs that her youngest daughter Janet was possessed by demon.

What Malicious Spirits Are Revolving Peggy’s family?

Is it a hoax or a real demonic possession?

Let’s rushed into the cinema and watch what is being conjured in this film!

Movie Review

The Conjuring 2 is yet another great piece of horror flick from James Wan, the man who has directed the first film and also Fast and Furious 7.

Similar fundamental in creating a great thriller!
Using almost the same recipe, James Wan has brewed up this sequel with similar concoction like how he did in the first. Based on real life paranormal events (in this case, the popular
Poltergeist activity), with inclusion and simulation of a real documentary, it provides more weights of spookiness and a more prominent genuine fear which is usually lacking in the other films of the genre. That's what made the conjuring 2 a much more a memorable horror movie than "the fright and forget" movies.

Recreating a real life events with careful demonic touch!
If you have read more regarding the
Poltergeist activity, you will know that this real paranormal event has received a major coverage before. It was being viewed by certain people as being a hoax. And the behaviors of the people involved have been studied by real psychiatrist as being "faking it" to receive publicity.

All of these elements, including the photography documentations were all being recreated altogether into this film. James Wan brilliantly depict the incident as like what was being reported and viewed but add in some spice of his touch and convincingly made it into a "demonic" movie like the first one.

The great thing about this movie is that it can make you believe it’s a hoax and at some point make you believe that it’s a demonic activity. Just like how you get swayed to choose your sides in some of the recent superheroes movies.

Great directing by James Wan!
James Wan is indeed talented in his work. His great directing and storytelling is spectacular. The way he delivered the plot is engaging. It starts off by letting us know more regarding the children and slowly draws us in by letting us feel and empathize the victims' family.
The angle of shots are also ingenious. I especially love the scene when Ed and the rest turning their back away while the possessed was talking with water in her mouth. Great bokeh technique there!

Besides, the way James Wan delivers the fright is amazing. He tries to lure you into believing that the shocking terror is impending in the next few seconds but eventually turn out to be a peaceful ones. While during times whereby no background music was played, he suddenly splice in a sudden shocking moment into it and catch the audience off guard. It's really clever!

Joseph Bishara's amazing music setpieces!
A horror movie won't be as terrifying without a fitting spooky music and sound effect. The first Conjuring movie nailed it in the aspect of music and this sequel succeeded it as well. Kudos to the music composer Joseph Bishara for the impressive background music. Those music are really scary!

Great Acting By The Cast! Madison Wolfe Has Potential!
The acting by the casts are really great. Without any doubt, Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga have done their roles really well as the convincing Paranormal Investigators. They are really lovable! But the main spotlight in this movie shines on the young actress Madison Wolfe who plays as the possessed Janet Hodgson. At such a young age, she has really great acting, facial expressions and gestures which have totally delivers her role very well. I doubt the outcome of the movie would be as great if she wasn’t being casted in this movie. She is really awesome and I believe she could go really far in the acting career!

Downside: Overly CGI-sh feature disrupt the momentum!
To be frank, I realized that most of the time, the too excessively animated CGI effect can be quite cheesy in a horror films. It happens in most horror movies, and it does too in this. There are some moments of the scenes whereby the tension is building up so well that it was blatantly cooled down due to some overly animated CGI. It's quite obvious. But thankfully,those scenes were brief and don't last long.

Abrupt and De Javu Final Act!
During the final act of the film, it ended with somewhat familiar finale. (Something similar to the Conjuring spin-off "Annabelle" Finale). The ending was very sudden and yeah, I have to admit, I was expecting more.

The sequel may not be as astonishing as the first one but nonetheless it is a highly enjoyable horror flick!

Verdict: 7.5/10.0

"James Wan still hasn't lost his touch in delivering a good satisfying and memorable horror film! Highly recommended for fans of The Conjuring and Annabelle! And definitely a must watch for Horror movies fans!" - WLJack


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