[Launching Coverage] Celebrate this CNY with Hui Lau Shan! Introducing the new vegetarian “Cheerful Lou Sang”!

[Launching Coverage] Celebrate this CNY with Hui Lau Shan! Introducing the new vegetarian “Cheerful Lou Sang”!

Kuala Lumpur, January 2016 – To welcome the lunar Monkey Year, Hui Lau Shan (HLS) will be introducing their new vegetarian Lou Sang dessert.  Last week, they have invited famous artiste Juztin Lan and the local media to join them on an early Chinese New Year celebration to launch the new menu.

HLS Southeast Asia General Manager Mr Pan Vui Shang said HLS has been a hit among Malaysians since opening its first Malaysia branch in 2012. “We are well known for our Mango dessert and we continue to introduce new desserts that suit the local taste buds,” he said. “We expanded our business to the neighborhood malls in 2013 and made several breakthroughs over the years, including getting certified by Jakim Halal.

“This year, our focus in on “health and leisure”. Other than ensuring the food we provided is healthy, we also start renovating our outlets to improve the interior design. Like our latest outlet in Setapak Central, we took a new approach in the interior design. We chose soothing color combination and added in sofas and bar seats to create a relaxing environment for our diners. We have a series of renovation plan down the pipeline. Currently we have started works on our 1Utama’s outlet and it will be ready before Chinese New Year. Hopefully the change will bring in some freshness for our customers,” he added.

Promoting New Menu “Cheerful Lou Sang”
HLS upholds its principles of health, freshness, uniqueness and creativity when producing their dessert. This year, they will be promoting two Lou Sang dishes ““Prosperity Lou Sang ” and “Cheerful Lou Sang”. If you are health-conscious or a vegetarian, the “Cheerful Lou Sang” will be your best choice!

Distinct from the traditional Yee Sang, this is a vegetarian version that uses HLS’s signature mangoes, pairing up with red apples, green apples, pears, strawberries, watermelons, cantaloupes, honey dews, guavas, shredded carrots, shredded turnips, pomelos, seeds and others. Added with crispy crackers and their special passion fruit sauce, this dish is sure to tickle your taste buds. Come try out this fresh, fruity modern Yee Sang this Chinese New Year!

If you are still searching for a best gift for your friends and family this Chinese New Year, you can try HLS’s Golden Carrot Cake and Golden Nian Gao (Chinese New Year cake) whereby both are also favorite desserts amongst the Chinese during this festive season.

This year, HLS improved the packaging for these two products and given them auspicious names “Prosperity HK Signature New Year Cake” and Prosperity HK Signature Radish Cake” to commemorate the festival. “Prosperity HK Signature New Year Cake” is a homemade Nian Gao recipe with specially chosen cane sugar and natural brown sugar. This sweet, fragrant and chewy healthy dessert is a must-have every Chinese New Year. The “Prosperity HK Signature Radish Cake” carrot cake uses top grade dried shrimps and mushrooms and is generous with all its ingredients. This scrumptious dish is the perfect choice to complete your reunion dinner.

HLS Chinese New Year gift boxes contain food that uses fresh ingredients with no preservatives, in line with their company’s direction of providing healthy food.

From now until Jan 31, spend a minimum of RM18 and you will receive HLS specially designed red packets and a RM8 lucky voucher. Limited quantity available, while stock last.

Yee Sang Tossing with Juztin Lan!
This Chinese New Year, HLS invited the media and bloggers to join them in the “A Monkey Year Celebration with Hui Lau Shan” press conference.

Besides tossing Yee Sang to symbolize a great year ahead, the said event is also to introduce the new Chinese New Year menu “Cheerful Lou Sang” and a series of their specially-designed gift boxes and promotions.

“From my understanding, HLS only picks top grade fruits for their customers. The first time I knew about HLS was in Hong Kong. I tried their classic best-seller and was totally sold!  Malaysians love mangoes, and so do I. I was elated when I heard they were coming to Malaysia, now I can enjoy their delicious desserts without travelling far. Other than that, they also introduced many new desserts to fulfil the needs of the local crowd such as TongShui and Durian Pancake. This is really unique as these are tastes of Malaysia,” Juztin Lan said.

Apart from that, there was also a lucky draw sessions for the media and bloggers during the event! Here are the lucky people who won themselves some HLS gifts!

Hope it is going to be a great Lunar Monkey Year ahead! Gong Xi Fatt Chai,everyone!

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