[Movie Review] Find My Dad 平平安安

[Movie Review] Find My Dad 平平安安

This is a movie of a young primary school boy, named Ping An who is raised by his single mother Ping Ma. Ping Ma has never told Ping An regarding his father and refuses to let Ping An visit his grandfather.

When Ping An is required to do an artwork in school titled “My Dad”, he begins to wonder about his father’s whereabouts. He keeps asking his mother regarding it until his mother is very annoyed. In fact, she even told him that his father and grandfather do not exist.

Taking pity of Ping An, his aunt takes him to see his grandfather and thus Ping An slowly uncover the truth regarding his father.

What is the truth behind Ping An’s father’s whereabout?

What awaits Ping An in his journey to uncover the truth?

Let’s seek the answer Ping Ping An An (peacefully) via your nearest cinema from this 12th November 2015 onwards!

“Find My Dad 平平安is a movie which has gathered the casts from many different countries including from Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong. It was a refreshing assembling of actors and actresses from different places. (names such as Victor Wong, Jeanette Aw, Ha Yu, Mini Bin)

Jeanette Aw’s debut movie!
Famous with her role in The Little Nyonya” as well as her active involvement in other Singapore television dramas, fans always hope to see Jeanette Aw play a role in the big screen. “Find My Dad” is her first debut movie and it’s actually quite great to see her interacting with Hong Kong veteran Ha Yu.

Nonetheless, Jeanette Aw’s acting skill is great and she did perform quite well in playing the role as a single mother.

Short story of a boy searching for his dad!
This movie actually revolves around a very short and simple story of how a boy look out for his dad who has never been mentioned much by his mother. Throughout the journey, there are some hiccups and misunderstandings here and there which leads Ping An (played by Mini Bin) into some funny and later some dangerous situations.

As a young actor, Mini Bin himself has played an innocent child character quite well, much resemblance to his father’s classics movies when his father was casted as a young actor in those films.

Victor Wong a comedic relief! Ha Yu’s undoubtable acting skill!
Apart from Mini Bin and Jeanette Aw, the other two main casts in the movie are Victor Wong and Ha Yu. Victor Wong who is a famous singer in Malaysia and recently quite active in acting field, has shown to us that he can actually deliver a few humorous moments in the show. In fact, most of the movie laughing spot happens when he is around.

Ha Yu on the other hand has a very minimal amount of screenplay time in the movie but yet his short duration of acting shows to us that he can indeed act.

Great Scenery!
While it didn’t provide a super breath-taking scenery of Malaysia as seen in “The Journey”, the movie has did a great justice by showing us some good scenic shots of Cameron Highland. Some of the perspective of shots in the movie are quite decent.

Adrenaline rushed danger scene!
There is a scene in the movie which has captured the essence of hide-and-seek. (It felt almost like when you are playing Metal Gear Solid 1 whereby you are trying to prevent
yourself from being spotted by enemy).

That specific part of the movie has provided a bit of adrenaline rush for the audience and it is actually quite good.

Heartwarming and Positive Messages Delivered!
The trailer and the content itself has made the movie a potential success. The movie itself has a heartwarming theme which can reach out and can be relatable to some audiences.

Messages like how a mother wants to hide a truth because she actually wants to protect the child, how a child should appreciate the parent’s love and effort. All of these are really great messages to be ponder upon.

Family Movie!
A best word to describe a movie like this would be a “family movie”. I think that the family theme of the movie is suitable for audiences especially those with children.

Downside #1: Cheesy Dialogues and Situations!
I have mentioned a few good points about the movie, now let’s proceed to some downside of the movies. One of the most notable mention is when Ping An is caught into a dangerous situation. During that scene, instead of tackling the danger, the scene is handled with heartwarming speeches for Ping An. I felt that the speeches are a bit out of place and that scene is a bit hard to be digestible. However, not all cheesy dialogues in the movie provide bad effects though. Some of the scenes were purposely made cheesy to provide some laughter for the audiences.

Downside #2: Touching but didn’t hit the spot!
The movie has a great trailer showing some crying by Ping Ma and etc which promises a good tear-jerking moment for the audiences. To be frank, the movie has some touching moment but it didn’t hit right up the spot to make you cry. Don’t get me wrong though, the movie itself has its shares of heartwarming moments. But if you go in the theatre expecting yourself to wet a few tissues with your tears, the high likelihood would be that it won’t happen.

What I like about the movie:
  • Great assembling of casts from different places
  • Jeanette Aw’s debut movie
  • Casts’s decent performance
  • Good danger scene
  • Positive messages
  • Family movie

What I dislike about the movie:
  • Cheesy dialogues and awkward moments
  • Heartwarming but not touching enough to hit the threshold


This movie deserves a 6.0/10.0!

“Meant for family audiences! And for those who want to see casts from different countries acting with each other!” –WLJack

Million thanks to Asia Tropical Films for inviting me to the screening of the movie. Do check out the movie from 12th November 2015 onwards!

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