[Coverage] Soo Wincci 蘇盈之 “Simply Inwinccible” Live In KL

[Coverage] Soo Wincci 蘇盈之 “Simply Inwinccible” Live In KL

November 2015, Kuala Lumpur – Just two weeks ago, one of the most talented artiste in Malaysian Chinese Entertainment, Soo Wincci has held her very first concert in Malaysia. Our team from wljack.com and loong-updates.blogspot.com have been given a golden opportunity to do a coverage for her event!

Date: 31st October 2015 (Saturday)
Time: 8pm
Venue: KLCC Plenary Hall

Soo Wincci “Simply Inwinccible”!
Since her debut in music industry, Soo Wincci has produced more than 30+ songs and has won many local and international awards via her performances. Currently, she has already released 6 song albums (5 being Chinese Albums and 1 being a Malay album). Besides, she was also the winner for 2015娛協獎傳媒推荐大獎. (read more regarding Malaysia PWH 2015 here: http://www.wljack.com/2015/07/recap-coverage-malaysia-pwh-music.html)

During the concert, we get to see through the “Simply Inwinccible” Soo Wincci via a few themes including Fabulous, Affectionate, Exceptional, Fearless and Finale as she performed different songs and medley in different segments of her concert which fit to the theme!

Beautiful person with beautiful voices!
Soo Wincci is indeed beautiful during her concert. Her beauty was even more enhanced with the costumes designed by famous designers Carven Ong, Dominique Chan, Nazleen Noor and Smyth Wong. In addition, she has a beautiful voice which has kept all the audiences captivated and mesmerized.

Wincci has proven to us that she could really sing very well as she performed many variety of songs including her originals as well as medley by other artistes. Some of the notable songs performed during the night include her originals 像我一样爱你的人, 过得去,My Time, 幸福就好, 不应该勇敢 and etc.

Medley such as Can’t Get You Outta My Head, Hi, Don’t You Wanna Know and etc have nonetheless added some different flavors to the show.

Winson温胜光, Gary Yap叶俊岑 & Mad August have been featured as guest appearances in the concert!
Apart from Soo Wincci herself, the concert was also graced by a few guest performers including Winson温胜光, Gary Yap叶俊岑 & Mad August!

Winson温胜光 has performed a dance-sing performance with Soo Wincci during the song of 4 Minutes. It was a great and energetic performance from both of them. Besides, he also performed his own song 坚固爱情.

Gary Yap叶俊岑 on the other hand has performed duet with Soo Wincci in a medley of 幸福满满 and 好好爱. Gary on the other hand has spoken some very flirty yet funny sentences with Wincci on stage. In fact, there was a part whereby he even wanted to kiss her but was rejected by Wincci. His attempt (unsure whether it’s scripted or spontaneous) was indeed ironic and added some comedic relief to the show. He also performed one of his own song 迷惘.

Mad August rocked the stage during their guest performance by performing a few songs including, 隔岸观火and Berdiri. Soo Wincci also sang along with them in a few songs including Usah, 谎, 喂,我不知道!

Great Stunt During The Show! Deserved a Thumbs Up!
Apart from having a great voice, Soo Wincci never stopped to impress the fans by performing some very dangerous stunts during her show.

One of the main peak of the show was when Wincci performed silk hanging during the song of 不应该勇敢. It was a very dangerous act because she was not supported by any strings or safety cord when she did the act.

That part of her show has gained the screams and cheers from the audiences as everyone was really amazed with her courage and her spectacular stunt!

“Simply Inwinccible” is also Simply Inspirational!
The concert was incredible not just because of the great performances, it was actually quite inspirational. During one of the songs, there was actually an animation presentation at the backdrop which showcased to us on what are the things which Wincci has achieved during the past. Apart from being actively involved in music scenes, she is also a beauty queen, PhD student, a chef, an actor and a TV host.

This multi-talented artiste has shown to us that “You can be Inwinccible Too!”. A strong motivational message was very well-delivered in this “Simply Inwinccible” Concert!

After the show, Soo Wincci has met and greeted the fans personally by having an autograph session done post-concert.

I didn’t get the chance to take a photo with her after the show. But wait, here’s one I took with her during Malaysia PWH 2015!

It’s a great show indeed, you are Simply Inwinccible!

Me and my buddy, Thin Wy in Soo Wincci 蘇盈之 “Simply Inwinccible” Live In KL!

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