[Coverage] TVB Star Awards Malaysia 2014 (TVB马来西亚星光薈萃颁奖典礼2014)

[Coverage] TVB Star Awards Malaysia 2014

Kuala Lumpur, 23rd November 2014- One of the greatest TV Awards Presentation of the year, TVB Star Awards Malaysia 2014 has been held successfully at Arena Of Stars, Resort World Genting, Malaysia. The awards show have featured a stellar line-ups of popular Hong Kong artistes who attended and grabbed away their deserving awards during the night.

Our team from wljack.com and loong-updates.blogspot.com have been given a golden opportunity to do a coverage on TVB Star Awards Malaysia 2014, which has always been viewed as the prelude to the TV Awards Presentation of TVB in Hong Kong.

Venue: Arena Of Stars, Resort World Genting
Date: 23rd November 2014
Time: 8pm

Fans Get To Witness Their Favourite Idols In Glittering Attire!
Being one of the most anticipated awards show in Malaysia, the fans were lucky to be able to get a glimpse of their favourite Hong Kong artistes in glittering attires as they came in sequentially into the hall in pairs/groups.

A Voting Based Awards Ceremony! Audiences Decide The Winners!
The awards selection was based on 70% voting from the Malaysian audiences while 30% was from the professional judges. Thus, the awards were presented to the well-deserved winners in a fair and square manner.
Biggest Surprise Of The Day! Appearance of ANDY LAU!
During the beginning of the show, the host emcees have hinted that there would be an appearance of a big-shot celebrity who would be the guest presenter of the night.

All of the audiences were surprised as Andy Lau made a step onto the stage to present the TVB Star Achievement Award to two of the veteran artistes who have contributed a lot to the filming and drama industries. The winners of the TVB Star Achievement Award were Helena Law and Lau Kong whom I believe all Hong Kong drama lovers would be familiar with, as they have taken part in over 100+ dramas before.

It was a really touching moment as Andy Lau described about his past collaborations with these two respectable figures.

Roger Kwok The Malaysia “TV KING 视帝”! Spectacular Villainous Acting Earned The Love by the fans!
It was a tough competition between Raymond Lam, Ruco Chan and Roger Kwok. However, Roger Kwok turned out to be the winner amongst the three amazing actors. His acting in Black Heart White Soul has totally won the heart of the Malaysian audiences. Besides, his acting as the crippled villain has earned a lot of positive remarks from his colleagues as well. He admitted that he was touched by his fellow colleague’s compliments.

The winning of this award is a great recognition for his remarkable acting. I believe the Malaysian audiences would wish that he could win too in the upcoming TVB Awards in Hong Kong!

Charmaine Sheh As The Malaysia TV Queen 视后!Was Glad That The Fans Didn’t Forget Her!
It’s almost two years since Charmaine Sheh has taken part in a TVB Dramas. Her comeback in Line Walker has been a great treat to the fans who have been waiting for her drama all these while.

The character as “Ding Jie”, an undercover has stolen the hearts of many audiences with her cheeky behavior and her great chemistry with “Bao Seed” played by Raymond Lam.  

As she was announced as the winner of the night, she thanked the fans for not forgetting her.

Biggest Winner Of The Night, “Line Walker”!
The drama with a twisted way of depicting undercover stories, “Line Walker” was the biggest winner of the night. It has won more than 10 awards during the night including being My Favourite TVB Drama Series as well as winning the “My Favourite TVB Drama Theme Song”.

We have got the chance to listen to Jinny Ng singing the song 越难越爱 Live on stage during the night! Many memories of the scenes between Kobe and Ah Yan flooded into our brain as the song was sung LIVE.

Other Notable Moments During The Nights! Benz Hui’s Stage Moment!
Benz Hui’s speeches were very entertaining. He has appeared on stage for a few times by being the presenter as well as the winner. The funniest line by him was “Terima Kasih”. He added in a Cantonese line with similar pronunciation, “DaLeiAma MaiKasi 带你啊妈买家私”! (Meaning: Bring your mom go buy furniture)

He has brought in a lot of laughter for the audiences. I think everyone was happy for him too as he won “My Favourite TVB Actor In Supporting Role” with his prominent role as 欢喜哥 in Line Walker.

Not Only Awards Presentation! Performances by talents from Hong Kong TVB! Malaysia Dancers Collaborated!
It’s obvious that the organizer has put in a lot efforts in entertaining the crowd with the performances that were inserted in between a few awards.

The performers from Hong Kong consist of Linda Chung, Jonathan Wong, Fred Cheng, Jinny Ng, Mag Lam, Joyce Cheng, Ronald Law and Hoffman Cheng (鍾嘉欣、王梓軒、鄭俊弘、吳若希、林欣彤、鄭欣宜、羅鈞滿 & 鄭世豪who have performed marvellous singing on stage that have mesmerized the audiences!

Notable performances too could be seen from the dancers who are mainly from Malaysia too.

Mimicry Performance Surprised The Audiences! Unexpectedly Hilarious!
Besides singing performance by the artistes with wonderful voices, the mimicry performance by Siu Po, Owen Cheung, Mok Ka Kam and Bob Lam (小寶、張振朗, 莫家淦 & Bob) was hilarious. The semi-naked Bob Lam has left a very memorable impression for the night as well as the other three who have entertained the audiences with their funny mimicry act.

TVB Star Awards Malaysia 2014TVB马来西亚星光荟萃颁奖典礼2014Winner List:

My Favourite TVB Drama Series
最喜爱 TVB 电视剧集:Line Walker《使徒行者》
My Favourite TVB Actor In a Leading Role
最喜爱 TVB 男主角:Roger Kwok郭晋安《忠奸人》
My Favourite TVB Actress In a Leading Role
最喜爱 TVB 女主角:Charmaine Sheh佘诗曼《使徒行者》
My Favourite TVB Actor in a Supporting Role
最喜爱 TVB 男配角:Benz Hui Siu Hung许绍雄《使徒行者》
My Favourite TVB Actress in a Supporting Role
最喜爱 TVB 女配角:Sharon Chan陈敏之《使徒行者》
My Favourite TVB Most Improved Actor
最喜爱TVB飞跃进步男艺员:Sammy Sum沈震轩
My Favourite TVB Most Improved Actress
最喜爱TVB飞跃进步女艺员:Samantha Ko高海宁
My Favourite TVB On Screen Couple
最喜爱 TVB 荧幕情侣:Ruco Chan & Aimee Chan陈展鹏、陈茵薇《单恋双城》
My Favourite TVB Drama Theme Song
最喜爱 TVB 剧集歌曲:越难越爱-  Jinny Ng吴若希《使徒行者》

My Favourite TVB Variety Program
最喜爱 TVB 综艺节目Walk The Walk, Talk The TalkSunday扮嘢王》
My Favourite TVB Enrichment Program
最喜爱 TVB 资讯节目Wellness On The Go 2《星级健康2
My Favourite TVB Host in Variety Program
最喜爱 TVB 节目主持:Nancy Sit, Wong Cho-Lam薛家燕、王祖蓝《Sunday扮嘢王》

TVB Most Rising Star In Malaysia马来西亚瞩目新人王:Fred Cheng郑俊弘
TVB Star Achievement Award
星光成就大奖:Lau Kong, Helena Law刘江、罗兰

My Favourite Top 15 TVB Drama Characters
最喜爱 TVB 电视角色(15 位):
Bosco Wong黄宗泽《点金胜手》
Nancy Wu
Kate Tsui
Roger Kwok
Charmaine Sheh
Sharon Chan
Benz Hui
Him Law
罗仲谦《飞虎 II
Ruco Chan
Tavia Yeung
Raymond Lam
Michael Miu
Linda Chung
Kenneth Ma
Selena Li

Last but not least, we media members have been given a chance to interview the artistes post-event. The coverage will be up soon!

Either way, for those who have missed the show, fret not, as there will be a replay of the show at the following dates and times:

重播 - “TVB马来西亚星光薈萃颁奖典礼2014”

華麗台 (311),華麗台HD (310):
29th Nov (Sat) - 10:30pm

娛樂新聞台 (313):
24th Nov (Mon) - 12am, 5am, 9am, 1pm

Astro on-the-go (
24th Nov (Mon) - 1pm onwards

Personal note: Congratulations to all of the winners of the night. You all deserved the awards! I was very glad that Selena Li was one of the winner for “My Favourite Top 15 TVB Drama Characters”. I really liked her acting as Tao Fa and Yan Mei Leung and I did vote many times for her!

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