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Monday, 20 October 2014

[Nuffnang] Signature Taste Thursday @ The Roof

[Nuffnang] Signature Taste Thursday @ The Roof

Kuala Lumpur, October 2014- A few days ago, I have been invited by Nuffnang to attend an event at The Roof, Bandar Utama for the event of Signature Taste Thursday! I have invited my buddy, Yee Yen along and we have had a great mingling session during the event!

Event: Signature Taste Thursday
Date: 16th October 2014 (Thursday)

Comfortable Environment @ Signature!
Just in case you haven’t been here before, Signature @ The Roof is a trendy and premium gastro-lounge where award-winning signature cocktails are concocted. Besides, a great selection of international premium beverages are also served here. It also served lovely meals for those who crave for good food.

To be honest, it was really a very comfortable place and classy joint for social gathering. Plus, we can also get to listen to the LIVE Singing Performance during the night.

Of course, we also get the chance to feed our taste buds with some of the delicacies here.

Key & Lock! Find Your Match!
One of the activities we had during the event was to find the matching keys and locks amongst the attendees of the event. Well, each of us, the guys were provided with a key while the ladies were provided with a lock. Our task is to seek for the right lock from the ladies and unlock it. The successful pair would be given a prize.

Mingling With Vast Network Of People!
Of course, the key & lock game was just a bonus to the event. The main purpose of the event was for us to mingle around with the fellow bloggers as well as the people from other professions who have gathered under the wonderful atmosphere at The Roof! And yeah, we were also given free flow of drinks during the event!

That night, I have met my fellow Nuffnangers as well as the Nuffies! I was seated together with Yee Yen, Marc (from marcsjy.com), Bowie (from thebgirlworld.blogspot.com) and Bowie’s sister.

Here’s some of our photos during the event!

This photo is taken from Nuffnang Instagram Page.

There were actually a few pairs of lucky ones who managed to find the correct match for their key and lock! Congratulations!

Here’s the photo of the lucky ones!

Signature @ The Roof is really a great place for gathering. Personally, I really think that the classy setting of the venue is very suitable for annual dinner, birthday party and etc.

Including Signature, The Roof actually houses for 5 distinct outlets: 
  1. Stratosphere - Helipad Champagne Bar (Asia first and the only green grass helipad)
  2. Signature by The Hill - Gastro Lounge
  3. Malt & Leaf – Whiskey & Cigar Lounge
  4. Score – Ultimate Sports Bar
  5. PLAY – Designer Dance Club

The Roof

Sky Level, 1 First Avenue
1 First Avenue
Bandar Utama
Petaling Jaya

For more info, please visit:

Million thanks to Nuffnang for the invitation!

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