[Nuffnang] Dialogue In The Dark Presented by #NuffnangLovin

[Nuffnang] Dialogue In The Dark Presented by #NuffnangLovin

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Kuala Lumpur, October 2014 – Have you ever imagined how does it feel if you suddenly lose your sense of sight? I have been given a chance by Nuffnang to take part in a meaningful journey through the dark via #NNDialogueintheDark a few days ago!

Venue: Dialogue in the Dark, The School, Jaya One
Date: 17th October 2014 (Friday)
Time: 5.30PM – 8.00PM

I have brought along my girlfriend Josephine to the event! We were late because of the jam we had before we reached Jaya One! However, we were fortunate enough as we were still able to join along the Nuffnang & Churp Churp staffs in the “expedition” through the dark!

Brief Introduction Of Dialogue In The Dark! Braille was learned!
Dialogue In The Dark has a really beautiful concept which allows the visitors to learn and feel how it would be like to live without the sense of sight. The visitors will be brought into dark rooms in which they can feel the temperature, texture, sound and etc of the surrounding to make them visualize the environment without using their eyes.

Before we were brought into the dark room, we were given a brief introduction on “Braille”, a tactile writing system used by the blind and the visually impaired. Then, we were provided with a piece of paper with Braille writing on it. The guide there asked us to decipher the dots into normal language. Using the dots systems shown on the wall, we slowly pronounced, “D”, “E”, “T”, “E”, “R”…… Then, someone from the Nuffies & Churpies mentioned “Determination”!

That’s the correct answer for the writing! Well, we couldn’t feel the meaning of the word that deeply yet but we were happy because our guess was correct!

Entering The Dark! Scary? Well, It’s a Cuti-Cuti Malaysia!
I have to admit, me and my girlfriend were a little bit scared as we were about to enter the dark room! During the first few moments, we felt a bit LOST & AFRAID because the surrounding inside was really pitch black. My girlfriend was pulling my shirt while railing behind me while I was following behind Jack 2 (Jack from Nuffnang). To avoid confusion, he was named as Jack 2 while I was named as Jack 1 during the tour.

Our batch was led by a lovely tour guide, Syah who has a sweet voice. She led all of us by just using her voice as we walked obediently behind her. In the dark, she has brought us into rooms with different ground textures, different temperatures and distinct scents. First, we arrived at Mountain Kota Kinabalu. She asked us, “What’s the height of the mountain?” Well, apologies to my secondary school Geography teacher, I totally forgot the height! She revealed the answer as, “4,095 metres!” All of us were amazed!

After that, we went onto a shaky bridge and arrived at a Pulau in Terengganu! Well, we could feel the sandy beach and some seashells there.

Then, we also visited Kuala Lumpur in which the temperature of the room is so much hotter compared to the other rooms we went across before reaching this place. We get to experience a stroll at pasar malam in total darkness! Throughout the tour, a few questions were asked too regarding our own country tourism spots, their characteristics and etc (the ones similar to the height of Mt.Kota Kinabalu). Sadly, not all of us can answer those questions well.

I guess it’s time for us Malaysian to really visit the amazing places in Malaysia itself in the future instead of just planning to visit foreign countries! Thanks to #NNDialogueInTheDark this time, I was able to experience “Cuti-Cuti Malaysia” in the dark!

Feeding Our Hunger! Great Chatting Session During Dinner!
After venturing through the dark, we were treated with pleasant Thai Dinner! We weren’t able to see the meals but by using our taste buds and our olfactory organs, we managed to devour the food like a barbarian!

Well, not sure is it just me or it’s the same as for everyone else, the food actually tastes really good in the dark! Either way, I really enjoyed the meal.

Besides the meal itself, the memorable part of the dinner was the conversations with the Nuffies and the Churpies. Their conversation were really funny! I could imagine how fun it is when they are working together in the office!

Of course, besides laughter, we also have some sentimental moment of sharing whereby we discussed regarding the best part & worst part of the experience in the dark, ambition & lost hopes and etc.

I mentioned that my best part of the experience was “Getting 4 pieces of prawns in my Tom Yam Gung”! Most of the people sharing the same table only get two or three prawns in it. Lucky me!

But well, getting 4 prawns was indeed pleasant but the REAL Best Part of my experience was something else…I will mention it down here at the bottom of this article!

Of course, I also took an opportunity to ask Syah on how could she able to see us in the dark. Someone replied, “Wearing night vision goggles.” But I was still in doubt that time because normally we could have a glimpse of small green light if someone is wearing night goggles. But in this case, there’s none.

Games With Everyone From Different Tables! The Truth Revealed!
Apart from dining, we also played a mini-game with everyone else from different batch. It’s a game quite similar to one of the Running Man game. If we win the game, we would be granted with a prize. Trying hard to reach the target set by the organizer, we never give up and eventually we managed to win the game.

Our ultimate prize was, “LIGHT”! The light in the room was then switched on and the truth revealed! Our table was filled with the mess we made when we were dining in the dark!

Wait, that’s not the only Truth that was revealed. It was also revealed that the guides who led us just now were all either blind since young or visually impaired. This moment touched my heart immediately.

Well, throughout our life, we have been born complete with a pair of eyes that can see! We took it for granted without realizing how fortunate we are. Here, through this tour, when we were left in the dark, then only we realize the feeling of helplessness if this crucial sense was taken away from us.

I truly respected the guides for their spirit and their kindness in leading us as well as sharing their experience with us!

The Best Part Of The Experience!
#NNDialogueInTheDark has taught me a lot. It has taught me to be grateful and appreciate whatever I am having now. You know, in life, we might be blaming this and that for the things we do not own. However, by taking a step back and feel, then we would realize how fortunate we are!

The most important factor for us to keep moving forward in life is DETERMINATION!

“DETERMINATION” might be just an introductory word prior to our tour, but it is a word that leaves an impact to our life after the tour!

#DialogueInTheDark is a really unforgettable experience and I wish that everyone else could visit the place too to get enLIGHTened in the dark!

I was enlightened and that’s the best part of my experience!

Here’s some picture of us after the tour!

Dialogue In The Dark:

100-P1-001, THE SCHOOL,
Block J, Jaya ONE,
No 72A,  Jalan Universiti,
46200 Petaling Jaya,

For more info, please visit:

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