[Coverage] “Chilam Crazy Hours Live In Malaysia” 《张智霖疯狂有时大马演唱会2014》

[Coverage] “Chilam Crazy Hours Live In Malaysia” 《张智霖疯狂有时大马演唱会2014

Organized by JS Entertainment & Mega Ultimate, “Chilam Crazy Hours Live In Malaysia” 《张智霖疯狂有时大马演唱会2014was held on 29th August 2014, 8pm at Bukit Jalil Putra Indoor Stadium!

Our team from wljack.com & loong-updates.blogspot.com was given an opportunity to do a coverage on the press conference.

Really Crazy Hours During Chilam’s Concert! Chilam’s Spectacular Performance Melted Fans’ Heart!
It was really crazy hours at Chilam’s Concert as the prominent Hong Kong artiste sang 20+ of his songs ranging from the old ones to his latest songs! All of the fans totally enjoyed the concert throughout the night!

Due to Chilam’s recent role as Captain Cool in TVB Drama “Triumph In The Skies 2”, his popularity rose even more compared to those times prior to that. Those old fans of Chilam would know that he is a great singer too before he was famous for this role.

On stage, Chilam sang some of his songs from the past including 十指紧扣, 祝君好 & etc. These songs are very nostalgic for his old followers. Besides all these old songs, the new Chilam fans would be glad to listen to him performing a long list of his news songs plus theme songs from “Triumph In The Skies” series!

He even mixed a Korean song, My Destiny from popular drama,“My Love From the Star” with his song 恋上外星人,creating a surprise to all of the audiences!

All of these are great returns for his fans, be it for the old fans or the new fans. His voice has amazed the audiences and melted their hearts.

Variety Of Costumes! Great Visual and Sound Effects throughout The Night!
Besides putting up great performances, the audiences were also treated with wonderful visual and sound effects throughout the whole concert. Chilam first appeared in a white attire and for every 5-6 songs, he changed his costumes! His costumes include a red coloured funky styled clothing, feathery costume and of course his famous Captain Cool’s costume!

All of these are masterpieces from the prestigious Paris Fashion Designer, Ann Demeulemeester! Thus, it’s no wonder why the costumes were so attractive on stage!

Besides this, the 3D effects, lighting and special effects were breathtaking too. I especially love the spot lights which formed a net –like pattern as well as the elevated stage at the middle which has an LED screen showing off some great visuals during the show. Of course, the videos and the 3D effects on the large screens deserved to be applauded too. Their introductory video was actually quite nice.

Great Interactions With Fans! Crowd went Crazy As Chilam Went Down The Stage!
It was a fun and exciting night for the audiences! Chilam has had a lot of interaction with his fans during the concert.

Chilam has walked down to the audiences a few times to have an up close interaction and handshakes with the fans. All of the fans went crazy as they saw their favourite idol walked nearer to them!

Besides, a few red giant plastic balls were thrown to the audiences for some additional fun!

Lucky Female Fans Who Might Be The Happiest Person Of The Night!
The most unforgettable interaction moment of the night was when Chilam chose a female fans from the upper seating to go on stage. He was about to pick another fans because he thought that it might be impossible for the female fans to get down to the stage so quickly.

However, the female fans was very determined and she actually climbed down from her seat from above. Well, her effort did pay off as she got the chance to stay by Chilam’s side as he sang on stage. Chilam asked whether she has a boyfriend. She said she didn’t have one but Chilam replied jokingly “But my wife is here.”

During this session, the female fans was very opportunistic as she spontaneously hold Chilam’s arm tight when sitting by his side. I am sure it’s a dream come true for her and she might be the happiest person of the night!

Him Law’s Appearance As Special Guest! Macho Men On Stage!

One of Chilam’s special guests was Him Law羅仲謙!  When Chilam invited Him onto the stage as the special guest.,he has also requested a muscular fans to go on stage to compete with Him Law in two segments. Both the fans and Him has carried out pushups and proceeded with another segment which was racing with another fans on their backs. It was a fun interaction and I think those fans who love macho guys have enjoyed this part of the show!

Chilam then handed over the stage to Him. Surprisingly, Him Law can actually sing quite well too! He sang “听风的歌” !

Z-Chen張智成Came On Stage Near The Ending Of The Show!
Maintaining the tradition of Chilam Crazy Hours Concert, the special guest for Chilam Crazy Hours LIVE must have the same surname, ”!

This time in Malaysia, R&B singer, Z-Chen 張智成 who also has the same surname, was the second special guest. On stage, they both joked that both of them are brothers because two out of three of the letters of their Chinese name are the same. Z-Chen said that his mother would prefer Chilam if he is really his brother because Chilam is too handsome!

Z-Chen sang his own song  “凌晨三点钟and then a duet with Chilam for the song 后来”.

Finale of the Concert, 岁月如歌”! Birthday Surprise For Chilam!
As Chilam said that it would be his last song of the night, “岁月如歌”, a Birthday song was suddenly played as the background music. It was a surprise for Chilam and everyone sang Birthday song together for him!

岁月如歌is the theme song from Triumph In The Skies 1st season. It was very relatable to Chilam due to his role in the second season. His version is slightly different from Eason’s but was well loved too.

Chilam has put a wonderful finishing for his concert and all of the fans enjoyed the show very much!

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Million thanks to Mega Ultimate for inviting our team to do a coverage on the show!

This concert is jointly-organised by JS Entertainment and Mega Ultimate and supported by Malaysia Major Events, a division of Malaysia Convention & Exhibition Bureau, an agency under Malaysia’s Ministry of Tourism and Culture, Melody FM as the Official Radio, My FM as the Supporting Radio, Paradigm Mall and gateway@klia2 as the Official Malls, Neway as the Official Karaoke, Genting Rewards Card as the Official Loyalty Card, and Special Thanks to Spectrum
Chilam Crazy Hours Live In Malaysia Songs List:

Song 1: 每一分钟都愿能见你 
Song 2: 原谅我过去 
Song 3: 十指紧扣 
Song 4: 你太善良 
Song 5: 祝君好 
Song 6: 疯狂有时 
Song 7: 冧爆你 
Song 8: 现代爱情故事 
Song 9 :你是如此难以忘记 
Song 10: 听风的歌(罗仲谦) 
Song 11: 如此这般想你 
Song 12: 天生爱情狂 
Song 13: 爱情已死 
Song 14: 恋上外星人 X My Destiny 
Song 15: Aint No Mountain High Enough 
Song 16: 冲上云霄 
Song 17: 疯了吧想我吗 
Song 18: 曾经不知你好 
Song 19: 寻开心 
Song 20: 多谢关心 
Song 21: 义气仔女 
Song 22: 少一天都短 
Song 23: 凌晨三点钟(张智成) 
Song 24: 后来(张智成 Chilam  
Song 25: 岁月如歌? Birthday Song
Last song: 岁月如歌

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