[Coverage] Wilber Pan’s潘瑋柏 Fans Gathering @ Black Bull, Avenue K

[Coverage] Wilber Pan’s潘瑋柏 Fans Gathering @ Black Bull, Avenue K

Kuala Lumpur, September 2014 – A few days ago, a Wilber Pan Fans Gathering was held at Black Bull, Avenue K prior to the MYFM 16th Birthday Bash on the same day. The event was organized by Universal Music Malaysia, sponsored by Hotlink and was hosted at Black Bull [Kitchen, Bar, Lounge] @ Avenue K!

Thanks to the courtesy of Black Bull, our team from wljack.com & loong-updates.blogspot.com was given an opportunity to cover the event and witness how Wilber interact with his fans in Malaysia!

Fans were hyped up for Wilber’s潘瑋柏appearance! Divided Into Teams To Compete For The Ultimate Prize: A Selfie With Wilber!
Even before Wilber has arrived at the venue, the fans have already gathered at the Brunswick Bowling area and started picking their bowling balls for their games with Wilber.

The host emcee of the gathering then gave some instructions to the fans. There were three teams with each team consisting of two members. The fans have to compete with each other to get the golden opportunity to take a selfie with Wilber潘瑋柏! They were excited even before he has arrived!

The Arrival of Wilber Pan! He Loves To Play Bowling!
As he walked towards the Bowling Area, the fans gave him a round of applause to welcome him! He was busy for the past few days before the gathering due to his hectic promo tour around a few locations in Malaysia.

However, he mentioned that he was looking forward for the gathering as he indulges in bowling. People even gave him some nicknames as he was quite good in it!

Interaction With Fans Through Bowling! So-Near-Yet-So-Far In Achieving A Strike!
There were quite a lot of interactions between Wilber and his fans. He is very friendly and he did step in in-between the fans’ turns to assist them in bowling.

He tried to score 10 pin strikes throughout the gathering but luck was not on his side that day as most of his attempts ended up with a 9 pins score. He then jokingly said that he couldn’t perform optimally because he didn’t warm up before the games.

All Lucky Fans Get To Selfie With Wilber!
Despite the original rules set, the gathering ended up with all of the fans being able to take a selfie with Wilber. It must be a dream comes true for these fans!

Final Attempt: STRIKE!!!!
Despite the disappointments in his previous attempts, he was finally able to impress everyone with his final attempt of the day!

A STRIKE! A great finale for the wonderful gathering that day!

Here’s his pose after he made the STRIKE!

Souvenirs For Fans! Group Photos!
Apart from the free bowling games and rare opportunity to selfie with Wilber, the organizer has also given the fans some souvenirs. The session ended with a group photo!

That’s all for the coverage to the gathering. It was really a fun, relaxing and pleasant evening. Thanks Black Bull for inviting me to cover the event.

For video coverage, please visit:

Anyway, I have also taken note at the environment in Black Bull [ Kitchen, Bar, Lounge] and I felt that the place is actually a great place to hang out with friends. This was the first time I have seen a dining restaurant with a bowling theme. Plus, the atmosphere is comfortable and it’s a great place for gatherings. See how successful Wilber Pan Fans Gathering turned out to be!

Additional Info About Black Bull:
Black Bull concept of  Dine , Drink , Play & Party is exclusively designed for maximum enjoyment altogether . Black Bull stature which symbolized massive power and strength, its western interior is also bold and appealing with wood mix concrete installment .

Black Bull is a combination of western fusion kitchen, full service bar, private champagne and cocktail lounge, together with  Brunswick luxurious bowling lanes , pool tables and dart machines can find in restaurants ; In addition, private KTV room with comfortable space width ; Entertaining of Black Bull consort  private parties, gatherings and corporate party use of the lunch or dinner .

Black Bull Tag Line :

Black Bull Official Facebook  :

Black Bull Instagram :  BlackBullMY
Hotline & RSVP: 03 2166 6666
Black Bull Services Available:
Dining, Cocktail, Liquor, Bowling, Darts, Karaoke, Catering for all walk in guests, Private Parties and Corporate Events.
Venue : Level 3-11 & 12, Avenue K,
              156, Jalan Ampang,
              50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Operation time : 
Sunday - Thursday  - 10am - 1am 
Friday - Saturday - 10am - 3am 
Public Holiday eve – 10am – 3am

Welcome link with Black Bull
Check-in at: Black Bull 
Tag: @Black Bull
Hashtag: #BlackBullMY

Here are the wonderful people from Black Bull with Wilber:

Media members were given an opportunity to take photo with Wilber:

I’d really wish to test out the food here in Black Bull some day. Maybe I will give it a try in the near future and share with you all about the food review. Do stay tuned to my website and blog!

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