[Official Press Release] Romancing The Classics: Music In A Story

[Official Press Release] Romancing The Classics: Music In  A Story

Romancing The Classics:
Music In A Story

Kuala Lumpur, 5th July 2014 – The klpac Orchestra is about to engross the music lovers tonight and tomorrow with yet another concert titled “Romancing The Classics” performing music extracts from Edvard Grieg’s “Peer Gynt” Suite 1 and 2, Piano Concerto in A minor 1st Movement and Antonin Dvorak’s Symphony No 8 at the Pentas 1, The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (klpac) at 5 – 6 July 2014.

The Peer Gynt was written to accompany a five-act allegorical drama with the same title. The drama writer Henrik Ibsen had asked Edvard Grieg who was his compatriot at the time to compose the music for the production of the play and after much difficulties and obstacles, the Peer Gynt was completed in 1875.
In February 1876 the play had taken a grand centre stage in the Mollergaden Theatre, Christiana (now called Oslo) with Grieg himself as the conductor of the orchestra.

The Peer Gynt is a story of a romantic origin that bravely confronts the human conflicts of facing reality or to lie in search of self truth.   

A Story of an Anti-Hero
Romancing The Classic will be divided in two parts; the first part will feature highlights taken from Suite 1 and 2 of the Peer Gynt.

The first Suite consists of the constantly vibrating sound of the less ambitious but at times playful tunes, the feet taping waltz songs and to the most frequently played melodies that are immediately recognizable.

The soothing, melodious, titillating tune brings to mind of a carefree nature of the main character of the story of Peer Gynt; a man portrayed to be will-less, insufficient and even irresolute but is surprisingly attractive. However, when his environment demands a greater contribution from himself; he crumbles unwillingly especially when his unwillingness is challenged.    

In Suite 2 the tone of the music changes to suit the mood of the story that goes downwards as it deals with unrealized dreams and unwept tears; the melodies are darker to signify the attempts to make joy to appease the anger within like hatred mingling with the determination for survival.

The concert continues with Edvard Grieg’s the Piano Concerto in A minor, 1st Movement which is one of his most popular piano works among his many.

The Victorious Symphony No. 8
The Part II of the concert will highlight the Symphony No 8; the powerful and gentlemanly serenade from an almost underrated composer of all times Antonin Dvorak. Completed in 1889 to mark the occasion of Dvorak’s election to the Bohemian Academy of Science, Literature and Arts, the triumphant and joyful tune implies his overwhelming elation towards the honour accorded to him and the symphony derived its inspiration from the Bohemian folk music he so loved.

The concert is featuring a piano soloist Sothie Paul Duraisamy and will be conducted by the Resident Conductor and Music Director klpac String Ensemble Dr. Takahisa Ota.
Romancing The Classics will be at Pentas 1, The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre this coming 5 – 6 July 2014. Tickets are priced at RM43/RM23 (Students/Disabled/TAS Card Holders). For more information, please visit www.klpac.org.

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