[Coverage] Press Conference of Astro Family Go Cuti “全家Go Cuti”

[Coverage] Press Conference of Astro Family Go Cuti “全家Go Cuti”

Classical Song Singers Along with Astro Star Quest Finalist and Miss Astro Finalist For a “Family” Trip Around Malaysia!

19th July 2014, Kuala Lumpur – Following the success of travel programme 背包Go Cuti”, a brand new concept of this programme titled 全家Go Cuti” is coming soon. It is featuring a “family” of hosts consisting of last year 经典名曲歌唱大赛finalists 钟丽珍 and 庄盛, last year “Astro 新秀大赛” Rax王郑浚仁 & Miss Astro Chinese International Pageant finalist, Fancy Goh吴胤婷.

These four hosts are not just new to the series, they are also 菜鸟(rookie) in hosting a show. All of them have their own unique characteristic. 钟丽珍is friendly, 庄盛 is full of sense of humor, Rax王郑浚仁 is energetic while Fancy is sweet. This combination will surely bring a lot of surprises to the audiences.

Artistes shared experience regarding being the hosts for the show!
During the interview, 丽珍 said that she occasionally would worry about her children at home when she was away for the filming.  庄盛 on the other hand said that it is finally time for him to become a host. He jokingly said that his singing is deteriorating and it’s time for him to have other career, which is in hosting. (Laughter) He said that he is still learning and he usually will use his sense of humor to conceal his fear in hosting.

New Challenges for Fancy and Rax!

Fancy stated that it can be quite challenging for her because the experience is so much different from the time when she was competing in Miss Astro Chinese. As a host, she needs to speak more than ever and she needs to memorize a lot of script and travelling info.

Rax also mentioned that hosting experience is so much different from the time when he was interviewed in Astro Star Quest. He can speak whatever he wants during the interview last time. However, being a host, he needs to ensure the words he mentioned are relevant and appropriate.

Sharing of the most memorable moments during the filming of the show!
For丽珍, her most memorable moment was when she was requested to eat insect and hold snake. She said that she was salivating a lot not due to hunger but due to fear. To overcome her fear, she didn’t really taste the insect much and she just swallowed it.

庄盛’s most memorable moment was during their film shooting at a cave tunnel. It was dark in there and only water drops sound can be heard during that time. However, he was not afraid of going through the tunnel. He said that it was very peaceful in there and that place is very suitable for meditation.

As for Fancy, her most memorable moment was when they were brought to interact with elephants. They even have the chance to bathe the baby elephants.

Rax’s most memorable moment was when they went to Terengganu to witness the process of turtle laying eggs. It was a very touching moment. He revealed that 丽珍 was crying when they were informed that those baby turtles which were hatched might have very low survival rate when they return to the sea.

Interaction between the hosts exposed!
All the four hosts have exposed some of the interaction experience between themselves during the filming process. They all mentioned that  庄盛 is the most hilarious one among them. Occasionally庄盛 will throw out a lot of funny ideas but not all of them were able to grasp it straight away. They also exposed that丽珍 was the NG queen among them because she doesn’t know how to read Mandarin and will make some funny pronunciation occasionally.

The hosts said that it was a very enjoyable experience and they ate a lot too. The trailer of the show was then showed during the press conference.

Astro Family Go Cuti “全家Go Cuti” is a travelling programme which is based on the concept of family travelling. Thus, the production team has featured hosts from different ages and gender to cover the audiences from different categories. All of the hosts will be interacting with each other like how a family would. Plus, the programme is going to bring the audience to explore and discover more about travelling places in Malaysia. The travelling spots featured in the show include islands, theme parks, recreational park, food travelling, historical places and etc.

Worth-mentioning is, the theme song for the TV programme Astro Family Go Cuti “全家Go Cuti” is sang by the hosts themselves.

Astro Family Go Cuti “全家Go Cuti” will be aired from 20th July 2014 onwards, every Sunday, 8pm through Astro AEC (CH 301) and Astro 全佳HD (CH 308).

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