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Friday, 13 December 2013

[Entertainment] International Artiste Sharon Chan Appointed As ZÉLL-V’s New Ambassador!

International Artiste Sharon Chan Appointed As ZÉLL-V’s New Ambassador!

To spread the message of good health, vitality, beauty and quality life with ZÉLL-V. Always 25!

11 December 2013, One World Hotel, PJ – International Artiste Sharon Chan has been officially announced by Ruyi Holdings Sdn Bhd as the latest ambassador for ZÉLL-V. Popular TVB actress Sharon Chan has been appointed as the ambassador because her vivacious personality and radiant appearance is believed to be able to elevate the brand’s image to greater heights.

ZÉLL-V has established itself as a household brand since 1990. ZÉLL-V sheep placenta products are made using the most advanced cell extraction methods and biotechnology to help people achieve their desire for lasting youthfulness. ZÉLL-V Platinum Sheep Placenta, one of ZÉLL-V’s star products, is formulated after years of meticulous research by German and Swiss medical scientists. The all-new formulation is enhanced by the additional of transfer factors which effectively boost the immunity, as well as an extra 35% of growth factors to enhance its effectiveness in maintaining good health and defying ageing.

Ruyi Holdings’ founder and executive director Dato’ Sharon Foong says: “Our goal is always to enable ever customer to have healthy cells and enjoy a youthful, vibrant and beautiful life. Sharon Chan’s good image, radiant appearance and lively personality fit perfectly with the message that ZÉLL-V aims to convey.”

Sharon Chan says: “I believe that it is most important to have good health. A healthy body brings vitality, courage and energy – all which are required if we desire to achieve breakthrough in our lives and improve ourselves.

“As such, I have chosen ZÉLL-V. I take 1 to 2 ZÉLL-V softgels every day to ensure that my cells maintain their vitality. Healthy cells enable me to stay energetic all the time, and won’t feel tired even though when I’m filming for long hours continuously.

“After taking ZÉLL-V, my complexion has improved and I look fresh and alert!”
Every ZÉLL-V softgel contains large amount of pure and natural active cells which are able to rejuvenate the ageing and weakened cells in our body, thus ensuring our cells stay young and active, and our bodily systems functioning at their optimum level.

To further enhance customers’ health and quality of life, Ruyi Holdings is continuously developing new and premium products. Among them are ZÉLL-V Rosemato Premium Phytocell Skincare Series and ZÉLL-V Phyto Green Marine Algae Cell Factors.

Sharon Chan will also be shooting ZÉLL-V TV commercials and promotional photos as well as appear in advertisements in major print media to spread the amazing benefits ofZÉLL-V Sheep Placenta.

For more information, please contact ZÉLL-V’s hotline at 03-2141 8011 or log on to: www.zell-v.com

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