[Coverage] TVB Star Awards Malaysia 2013 《TVB馬來西亞星光薈萃頒獎典禮2013》

[Coverage] TVB Star Awards Malaysia 2013 TVB馬來西亞星光薈萃頒獎典禮2013

Kuala Lumpur, 3rd December 2013 – One of the greatest Malaysia TV Awards, TVB Star Awards 2013 has just been held in KWC Star Stage a few days ago and it was attended by a great lineup of famous TVB iconic celebrities.

Event Details:
TVB Star Awards Malaysia 2013
Date: 1 December 2013 (Sun)
Time:             20:00
Venue: Star Stage @ KWC, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

This year, the TVB Star Awards Malaysia 2013, which is regarded as the prelude to the TV Awards Presentation of TVB was organized by TVB Entertainment News for the first time while Astro and MyFM worked as the media partners.

Fans of Different Celebrities Crowded The Whole Venue!
Lucky fans who have the tickets to the award show were lucky enough to witness their favourite Idols right in front of their eyes! Among some of the notable fans group who attended the awards show included the following:

Great opening by the celebrities!
The show started off with a TVB version of fantastic baby performed by a few TVB singers and then the nominees and celebrities came into the hall via cars moving into the hall. Then, the artistes have gone on stage in a catwalk style! This opening has gained quite a great round of applause from the audience!

Performances By Both HK Talents & Local Malaysian Talents!
Apart from being just an award show, the event was filled with performances by talents from both Hong Kong and also Malaysia. Among the performers during the night included:
Mag Lam, Fred Cheng, Jay Fung, Hubert Wu, Jonathan Wong who have performed the opening! Malaysian representative performers were Crystal Lee and champion of singing competition Nicole Lai! All of them have mesmerized the audiences with their wonderful singing!

Of course, some nominees have also proved to us that they can sing apart from being just splendid in acting. Chilam Cheung (a.k.a Captain Cool), Ruco Chan and Edwin Siu have performed great singing performance for the members of the floor that day.

Awards Winners! Truly Voted Based On The Audience’s choices!
Besides of cool performances and opening, the most essential part of the event was the awards announcement.  This year, there were altogether 13 nominations categories, the winners list have been stated below this post. All of these awards were based on fair and real votes from the audience! Some of the winners were not able to attend the award show. However, TVB was well-prepared enough to actually pre-recorded the absentee winners’ winning speech! Despite just greeting the fans via the video, these have also gained the screams and cheers by fans who have attended the event!

Extra session: The Best Single and Available TVB Actors!
Ruco Chan vs Kenneth Ma! Who will be your pick? :-)

The Winners List For TVB Star Awards Malaysia 2013 TVB馬來西亞星光薈萃頒獎典禮2013
My Favourite Top 15 TVB Drama Characters
王祖藍 Wong Cho-Lam – CHOI SUM (Inbound Troubles)
黃宗澤Bosco Wong – YIU YAT-SHAN & YIU YUET-SHAN (A Change Of Heart)
吳鎮宇Francis Ng – TONG YIK-SUM, SAM (Triumph In The Skies II)
張智霖Julian Cheung – KOO HA-YEUNG, JAYDEN (Triumph In The Skies II)
陳法拉Fala Chen – HO NIN-HEI, HOLIDAY (Triumph In The Skies II)
胡杏兒 Myolie Wu – KOO HA-SUN, SUMMER (Triumph In The Skies II)
吳卓羲 Ron Ng – TONG YIK-FUNG, ISSAC (Triumph In The Skies II)
胡定欣 Nancy Wu – LING CHEUK-CHI, COCO (Triumph In The Skies II)
 陳展鵬 Ruco Chan – KIU TIN-SENG (Brother’s Keeper)

蕭正楠 Edwin Siu – LAW WAI-SHUN (Brother’s Keeper)
鍾嘉欣 Linda Chung – CHEUK CHING (Brother’s Keeper)
田蕊妮 Kristal Tin – YIU MAN-YING (Brother’s Keeper)
馬國明 Kenneth Ma – CHEUNG YAT-KIN (The Hippocratic Crush II)
楊怡 Tavia Yeung – FAN TZE-YU (The Hippocratic Crush II)
黃智雯 Mandy Wong – HUNG MEI-SUET (The Hippocratic Crush II)

My Favourite TVB Promising Male Actor 
袁偉豪Benjamin Yuen (A Change Of Heart / Always And Ever / The Hippocratic Crush II)

My Favourite TVB Most Promising Actress
岑麗香Eliza Sam (Triumph In The Skies II / Sniper Standoff / The Hippocratic Crush II)

My Most Favourite TVB Variety Program
Super Trio Maximus

My Most Favourite TVB Enrichment Program
Pilgrimage of Hope

My Most Favourite TVB Host in Variety Program
曾志偉Eric Tsang, 錢嘉樂 Chin Ka-Lok, 林曉峰 Jerry Lamb, 陳小春 Jordan Chan, 阮兆祥 Louis Yuen, 金剛 Kong King、江欣燕 Elvina Kong, 蘭茜 Nancy Lan Sai, 王志安Otto Wong (Super Trio Maximus)

My Most Favourite TVB On Screen Couple
馬國明,楊怡 Kenneth Ma, Tavia Yeung (The Hippocratic Crush II)

My Most Favourite TVB Drama Theme Song
續集 (The Hippocratic Crush II) - Joey Yung

My Most Favourite TVB Actor in a Supporting Role
羅仲謙Him Law (Triumph In The Skies II)

My Most Favourite TVB Actress in a Supporting Role 
胡定欣Nancy Wu (Triumph In The Skies II)

My Most Favourite TVB Actress in a Leading Role
鍾嘉欣Linda Chung (Brother’s Keeper)

My Most Favourite TVB Actor in a Leading Role 
張智霖 Julian Cheung (Triumph In The Skies II) 

My Most Favourite TVB Drama Series
衝上雲霄 II Triumph In The Skies II

Chilam Cheung and Linda Chung were both the TVB Best Actor and Best Actress in Malaysia, will they be triumphant in the upcoming TVB Awards In Hong Kong? Let’s anticipate for the moments again very soon!

Million thanks to TVB Entertainment News for organizing this event. I am sure all of the TVB series in Malaysia really appreciated it very much! Do keep supporting TVB!

Last but not least, we would like to direct our sincere gratitude to Astro for allowing our website and blog to cover the event too!

Photo credits: Zhi chao

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