[Coverage] Penny Tai’s 戴佩妮 ‘純屬意外’ 2013大馬音樂會 (Penny Tai Live Showcase)

[Coverage] Penny Tai’s 戴佩妮純屬意外’ 2013大馬音樂會 (Penny Tai Live Showcase)
Kuala Lumpur, 3rd December 2013- Just a few days ago (29th November 2013), we managed to attend Penny Tai’s “Unexpected” Music Showcase at KL LIVE.

Event Details:
Date: 29th November 2013
Time: 8.30pm
Venue: KL LIVE

It has been quite some time since Penny has had a LIVE showcase in Malaysia. Thus, the LIVE showcase this time has attracted a good number of her fans to come over to Malaysia to listen to her wonderful voice with a great set of songs. In fact, the tickets for seating zones were sold out and the free standing zone was crowded with audience too. 

Anyway, before Penny came on stage, the audiences were entertained by the opening performance of “非常好歌” song, “Mission Incomplete” and the theme song. After the performance by the guests, Penny has finally appeared on stage and sang a few songs before she started to interact with the fans!

A Musical Showcase Which Felt like a Family Gathering!
After Penny sang a few songs, she started to interact with the fans. She was really humorous and the things she said were very natural and spontaneous. The interaction between her and the fans felt like a chat between family members. She has made quite a few jokes with the fans as well as the band members and everyone has gained quite an amount of laughter due to her cheekiness. Overall, the whole musical showcase was really heartwarming and it was very comfortable for anyone who has attended the show.

Spectacular Performances of Songs That Brought Back Memories & Nostalgic Melody!
Although this is a musical showcase for her latest album, Penny was very kind to actually perform a few medleys of her old songs. All of these songs used to be hit songs in almost every Mandarin Radio Station years ago and it has allowed the fans to recall back all the good memories brought by her singing.

Guest Appearances- Anna & Kaola!
Penny was also very good in introducing the guests for her musical show. She has invited Anna and Kaola out for some performances. These two guest artistes have a close friendship with Penny. Anna was Penny’s old friend while Kaola is a new singer whose album was consisted of a few songs written by Penny. Both of these guest singers have also nonetheless provided a good singing for the audience!

Song Request session & Sing-Along With Penny!
One thing special in this musical showcase is, Penny was actually thoughtful enough to prepare a song-request session for the fans! She would sing any of her old songs which the fans have requested. Besides, she has also come down from stage to have a close-up sing-along with the fans sitting at every corner of the venue! This sing-along session was one of the most excited moments during the show!

Funny encore for Penny!
Penny mentioned that “Never” was the last song for the show. After that “last song”, she slowly walked away from the middle of the stage while waiting for the fans to scream “encore” for her! She funnily went back to the microphone and requested for more sounds to be made before she can proceed with the encore! Everyone screamed louder then and she returned to the centre of the stage for another two songs!

Overall Impression:
It was a very spectacular music showcase full of fans-service and also very contented with 3-hours of music! This showcase was a very audience-friendly event which definitely worth every cent spent! The ticket price to the show was very affordable and the show delivered was really splendid! It has definitely made every audience left the place with a great smile on their face!

It’s truly a great event which made you feel like home. Million thanks to The Wonderland+ for this wonderful show!

This show was jointly presented by HOMESOY & WOW Professional Hair Care and sponsored by Fairy Beauty.

Song List:
  1. Sing it out
  2. 懒人漫游
  3. 一个人的行李
  4. 剪不断
  5. 无赖
  6. 你要的爱
  7. 透气
  8. Medley:街角+爱疯了+单身潜逃
  9. Guest : Anna:可以不爱了
  10. Guest: Anna: Blue
  11. 你怎么可以安心的睡着
  12. 回家路上
  13. It’s alright
  14. 试探
  15. Guest:Kaola: 只要我开心
  16. Guest:Kaola: 拥抱你
  17. Guest: Kaola:下注
  18. 右脸
  19. 没有人爱
  20. 草莓面包
  21. Song Request Session
  22. 怎样
  23. 纯属意外
  24. Never 

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