[Press Conference] 1st Golden Wau Awards 2013

[Press Conference] 1st Golden Wau Awards 2013

Golden Wau Awards, Juries from 3 countries sharing the film experience!   

Kuala Lumpur, 2nd September 2013 – The GOLDEN WAU AWARDS final round judging starts right after the announcement of Top 8 Finalist. GWA has invited CEO of Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival, Wen Tien-Hsiang together with Best New Director of Golden Horse Awards, Ho Wi Ding, Best Screenplay of Hong Kong Film Awards, Tian Koi Leong, Producer cum International Film Consultant, Lorna Tee to be the jury. They have arrived Malaysia last week for the final round judging. Due to personal reason, Dennis Lim  has quitted to be the jury and GWA honored to have invited China Famous Actress, Sophia Hu Jing to be our jury.

After the judging, the juries met up with the media and this was a very rare opportunity to gather the filmmakers from Taiwan, China and Malaysia. GOLDEN WAU AWARDS has taken this opportunity to host a “GOLDEN WAU AWARDS Jury Sharing Session and Press Conference” at 7th floor Suite 1 & 2, Hilton Kuala Lumpur.

During The “GOLDEN WAU AWARDS Jury Sharing Session and Press Conference”:

The press conference was seated with VVIP, VIP as well as some local celebrities and media members. Apart from that, a few lucky public audiences have also attended the press conference.

SweetDream Supports Golden Wau Award As Main Sponsor!
As the main sponsor of Golden Wau Awards, SweetDream will tailor made a series of products including the Marsh Pillow (Movie Pillow) using the unique and specialty of “Support Factor”.

After the announcement of Main Sponsor, Mr. Tan Kai Hor, CEO of SweetDream was invited to give a speech.

Xiao En Group & Overseas Union Garden Sdn Bhd Co-sponsoring the event while LINE Malaysia being the official Mobile Platform & Hilton Kuala Lumpur being the Official Hotel!
After the announcement of main sponsors, the emcee has also announced the co-sponsors and other partners for the event.

Announcement of Movie List for “Most Popular Local Chinese Film” & “Most Popular Singapore Film”!
Besides the announcements of Sponsors, the list for “Most Popular Local Chinese Film” & “Most Popular Singapore Film” were also announced.  (The list can be found at the end of this article)

The voting for these awards starts from 9th September 2013 to 10th October 2013 through GOLDEN WAU AWARDS Facebook Fans Page and it is open for public to vote. Besides, the voters will have the chance to win the merchandise of LINE Malaysia.

Apart from that, the “Best Local Non-Chinese Film” will be judged by Malaysian Film Producers Association (Persatuan Penerbit Filem Malaysia –PFM) and Film Directors’ Association of Malaysia (Persatuan Pengarah Filem Malaysia – FDAM).

Golden Wau Awards has also officially announced the special awards “Pioneer Awards” will be rewarded to Dato’ Lai Meng & Han Ying, who were the pioneers of Malaysia Film Industry, to appreciate their efforts and contribution to Malaysia Film Industry. The Main Sponsor, SweetDream will measure the “Support Factor” of the two pioneers and tailor made a set of mattress for them.

Ceremony Brand Ad Short Film!
Golden Wau Awards will shoot the Ceremony Brand Ad Short Film. The short film will be revolving around the journey of Malaysian film industry and will be shown during the Golden Wau Awards Ceremony. The celebrities who would be involved in the short film include Jane Wong, Henley Hii, Lim Ching Miau, Goh Wee Ping, Danielle D, Mayjune Tan, Alvis Chin, Emily Lim and Candy Lee.

Seminar Forum & Sharing Session!
Golden Wau Awards will also be hosting a few seminar & sharing session of Top 8 Finalist for Best Director Awards.  So stay tuned to GOLDEN WAU AWARDS (GWA) FB Page for more details.

Jury Sharing Session
Some highlights spoken by each jury:

Jury Wen Tien Hsiang
-     Through Local Films, we can learn the different cultures at different part of Malaysia such as Penang and Kuala Lumpur. Different places having different dialects such as Hokkien or Hakka are something unique from our local film.

Jury Sophia Hu Jing
-          This is her first time being a jury and she has gained many new experiences.
-          She has challenged her own limitation because she has to watch and review many ghost movies despite being very timid to this genre of movies.
-          She thought that Malaysia movies have many languages in it which are so different from China movies.  

Jury Lorna Tee
-          It’s important for all filmmakers to work together as an industry to gather strength so that Malaysian films can get beyond the Malaysia water.
-          The box office in Malaysia was growing well now.
-          If the Malaysian Film can be more universal, then it can reach out even further to the oversea market.

Jury Ho Wi Ding
-          Filming a movie is not like studying. Some of the times it depends on your intuition. Most importantly, we must not give up.
-          Filming a movie requires good stress-management and some soft skills in dealing with people. Most people only saw the outcome product but not all of them have realized the hectic life of being a director.

Jury Tian Koi Leong
-          To become a good screenplay writer, you must have the tolerance to sit on the chair surrounded by only blank papers for at least 3 hours. (he jokingly said)
-          After he has won the best screenplay of Hong Kong Film Awards before, instead of feeling contented, he became stricter to himself in order to become more improved.

After the Jury Session, all of the VVIPs, VIPs, guest celebrities and jury have taken a group photo together.

Anyway, do stay tuned for the awards ceremony. It will be hosted on 15th October 2013, 8pm, in Hilton Kuala Lumpur.

List of “Most Popular Local Chinese Film” & “Most Popular Singapore Film”
Most Popular Local Chinese Film最受欢迎本地中文电影
1)      Woo Hoo
2)      Ice Kacang Puppy Love
3)      The Cycle of Love
4)      Phua Chu Kang
5)      Lelio Popo
6)      The Great Day
7)      Homecoming
8)      I Love Wing Chun
9)      Twisted
10)  The Loan Shark
11)  Nasi Lemak 2.0
12)  23:59
13)  Petaling Street Warriors
14)  Ah Beng Three Wishes
15)  The Wedding Diary
16)  Fist Of Dragon
17)  3X Trouble
18)  Ghost buddies
19)  You Believe In Ghost
20)  Tears of Mum
21)  Karma Reborn
22)  Hantu Gangster
23)  Greedy Ghost
24)  Kepong
25)  The Golden Couple
26)  The Collector

Most Popular Singapore Film
1)      Kidnapper
2)      Happy Go Lucky
3)      Old Cow vs Tender Grass
4)      Haunted Changi
5)      The Ghost Must be Crazy
6)      Perfect Rival
7)      It’s a Great Great World
8)      Dance Dance Dragon
9)      We Not Naughty
10)  Timeless Love
11)  Ghost On Air
12)  Dangerous Liaisons
13)  Imperfect
14)  Ah Boys to Men

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