[What's Hot- Movie] Dampak

[What's Hot- Movie] DAMPAK

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Action packed revenge oriented film “Dampak” which received wide coverage and reception from the social media, in the middle of last year, when its lead actor Aaron Aziz spread photos of the film’s shoot and behind the scenes action over his personal Twitter and Facebook  pages, has completed its production and will hit cinemas this coming September.

The highly invested “Dampak” which is produced by renowned production company Apes Haus and Ops Picture SdnBhd, under the excellent direction of filmmaker Lai Yuk Long features an A-List cast made up of Aaron Aziz & Farid Kamil, plus a host of popular local heavyweights such as Intan Ladyana, Cat Farish, Juliana Evans and Scha Alyahya. Also in the all-star cast is Chinese actor, model and martial arts exponent Michael Chin.

The film revolves around the mission and journey of five siblings who seek revenge against the enemy, of their stepfather who is anex triad member with a hidden past. It’s an amalgamation of betrayal in friendship, honour over reality and corruption by power. The highly entertaining and action packed film is expected to make a serious impact at the box office thanks to its rocking star power , stylised presentation,plus an interesting and intriguing storylinewhich will include a surprising and unexpected twist at the end. Nearly all of the action scenes in Dampak were done by the actual actors themselves, including one that had actor Farid Kamil hurting his knee badly during a shoot at Lot 10, but still carrying on despite his painful injury. The film was shot in less than 21 days at various locations in Klang Valley including the seafood paradise of Pulau Ketam, and will appeal to all action fans.


The main actor in this movie - Aaron Mustapha Aziz
The mission to find the missing Afran happens to be the starting point for  Idrus’ journey with his adapted siblings, Giran, Hana and Qyra, in their quest to investigate Tok Longs’ hidden past.  The disfigurement and scars on Tok Long’s face, becomes the motivation for his adopted children to seek revenge, but it has always been rejected by him without any clear explanations. The red tattoo on Tok Long’s arm continues to arouse their suspicions. The urge to seek revenge for Tok Long continues to burn, especially more so with their highly proficient self-defence skills which was studied from their step dad.

The opportunity to leave their village in their mission to find Arfan is misused by all siblings. After locating Arfan in the beginning of their mission, they continue to investigate Tok Long’s past.

Farid Kamil is also one of the star in the show!
The confrontation with Botak becomes the turning point of their journey. The utterance of Lambang Merah from Botak’s mouth, when he was assaulted by Man’s henchmen catches the attention of Idrus and his siblings. In the end Idrus and his siblings manage to save Botak, and as a reward Botak provides them with lodging and a new career path.

Botak brings them to Joni Hitam. Joni happens to be an influential right hand manunderthe notorious secret society named Lambang Merah. Gira and Afran’s skills were enough to convince Joni Hitam to take the siblings in under his wings. Idrus agrees immediately as his prime objective is to expose the secret that is deeply entrenched in Tok Long’s heart.

Michael Chin
Their potential and diligence leads them to an audience with Tiger Lang, the head of Lambang Merah. Tiger Lang urges them to stay on under his patronage with the promise of a life of luxury and wealth which they would not be able to achieve elsewhere. Idrus becomes cautious of the group as he worries he may be led astray, but agrees, in order to fulfil his objectives. It is further compounded by Giran who becomes obsessed with gaining wealth, and is consumed by the underworld. Deep in his heart, Idrus realizes the bane of ignoring Tok Long’s instructions but surges on with doubt.

Juliana Sophie Evans

But what was planned by Idrus was not to be. As a result of being basked in the lap of luxury and indulging with evil, Idrus’ primary mission dissipates with everyone…  Its obvious that illegal and underground activities can cloud human minds. It’s a fact that love can blind one’s journey. Whom one considers a friend, may not be one. Because of wealth, they are willing to kill each other. They are unable to differentiate between love and hatred because of their lifestyle picks. The relationship between the siblings becomes estranged. The journey to discover Tok Long’s secret continues to fade.  

The question that arises – will they still have the capability to uncover Tok Long’s and will they still have the capability to reunite?

Find out in your nearest cinema this September!

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