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Friday, 16 December 2022




The inaugural MELOSAGA Malaysia Street Dance and Music Festival will celebrate music at MIECC in January 2023, with KPOP heavyweights Zico and Crush headlining the three-day event.


Kuala Lumpur, December 2022 – The MELOSAGA Malaysia Street Dance and Music Festival, Malaysia's first and largest Street Dance and Music Festival, has announced the list of Showcasing Artists who have been invited to perform at the inaugural event, which will take place from 13 January to 15, 2023.


The Festival, co-presented by UNC Entertainment and Base Entertainment Asia, is a must-see street dance and music event on the festival calendar, and will take place at the MINES International Exhibition & Convention Centre (MIECC) in Kuala Lumpur.


MELOSAGA will take place over three days and will feature three events that will provide an all-encompassing experience that will entice festival goers to leave their hustle and bustle behind and immerse themselves in a whirlwind of music and dance as well as street culture discovery - ESCAPISM; the concert, BATTLESAGA; international and local dance competitions, and K-DIMENSION; a K-Culture Carnival with 100 carnival booths.



K-DIMENSION, the K-Culture component, will be held on all three days to showcase the magic of K-Culture and K-Pop.


The Phaze International, an international dance showcase competition, will take centre stage on the first day of K-Dimension 2023, hoping to build on the success of the first season in 2022 by attracting dancers from more than 25 countries to compete for a USD 5,000 cash prize and the opportunity to perform as the opening act on ESCAPISM.


Festivalgoers will also have the opportunity to participate in the YG Audition for YG Entertainment, the K-Pop mega label best known as the agency behind the success of BLACKPINK and BIG BANG.


Aside from the chance to see YGX, YG Entertainment's dance arm, which includes two female choreographers, Yeo Jin and Jihyo, who are BLACKPINK's backup dancers and also from 'Street Women Fighter,' and a male choreographer, Moodok from 'Street Man Fighter,' K-DIMENSION also allows participants to learn from famous artist choreographers from South Korea at the YGX Star Workshop.



ESCAPISM is a street music festival that will take place on 14 January 2023 and will feature K-Pop heavyweights Zico and Crush among the headliners who will be making their debut appearances in Malaysia, as well as Shigga Shay, YGX, DOLLA, ForceParkBois, DJ Raiden, 3P, and many more familiar to Malaysian music fans.



The Festival's street dance component features an impressive mix of local and international dance competitions, beginning with the RF JAM MALAYSIA QUALIFIER ROUND. The winners of the 4v4 Breaking and 3v3 All-Style competitions will receive a sponsored trip to RF JAM 2023 in Vietnam.


On the same day, there will be an SDACA Championship, in which international and national all-star dancers will compete for the title of BATTLESAGA champion.


" “More than just the headliners, MELOSAGA is the first-of-its-kind street music and dance competitions and carnival in Malaysia, which brings together an impressive line-up of regional performances, workshops and street culture elements, here at Kuala Lumpur. Developed as an alcohol-free event, it is suitable for young and old alike." said Dylan Chyo, founder of UNC Entertainment.


“We are thrilled to be working with UNC Entertainment to present MELOSAGA, a music and dance festival that will connect entertainment with street culture by bringing established artists and emerging acts, both regional and local, under one roof," said Chantal Prudhomme, Chief Executive Officer of Base Entertainment Asia.


MELOSAGA tickets is already on sale since 9 p.m. on 8th December 2022, for RM 35.


ESCAPISM ticket prices start at RM259 for basic admission, RM359 for Cat B, RM459 for CAT A, and RM559 for Rock Zone. Prices do not include the processing fee or transaction fees. Between December 8 and 11, there is a 10% Early Bird discount.


More information about the festival is available on the festival's website, http://www.melosaga.com .


首届 MELOSAGA 马来西亚街舞音乐节于2023 1 MIECC引爆

K-pop巨星 ZicoCrush 将担任演唱会头牌艺人


吉隆坡 马来西亚首个最大的街舞音乐节MELOSAGA公布了即将于 2023 1 13 日至 15 日举行的首届活动中表演的艺人名单。


这项即将在吉隆坡国际会展中心 (MIECC) 举行的活动是由 UNC Entertainment Base Entertainment Asia 联合主办,音乐节爱好者不可错失的街舞和音乐活动。

跨越三天的 MELOSAGA将为音乐节粉丝们提供全方位的体验,让他们抛开喧嚣并沉浸在音乐和舞蹈的魅力中,探索街头文化。 三个活动的主题分别是:ESCAPISM - 演唱会,BATTLESAGA - 国际和本地舞蹈比赛,以及 K-DIMENSION – 拥有 100 个嘉年华摊位的韩流文化嘉年华。



K-DIMENSION作为该节目的韩流文化组成部分,将横跨三天的活动,以展示K-Culture K-Pop 的魅力。  国际舞蹈展示比赛 The Phaze International 作为K-Dimension第一天的焦点,主办方寄予厚望,期待这次的比赛能随2022年第一季的成功之后,再度吸引超过 25 个国家与地区的舞者争夺 高达5,000 美元的现金奖励。而胜出者也将获得在ESCAPISM演唱会作开场表演。

音乐节的出席者也将有机会参加以成功打造了BLACKPINK BIG BANG等而闻名的韩国唱片公司YG娱乐所举办的YG练习生选秀活动。

除了有机会见识到 YG娱乐舞蹈部门YGXYeo Jin Jihyo两位女性编舞及BLACKPINK伴舞,和来自街头霸王 Moodok男性编舞的风采,K-Dimension也将举办YGX Star Workshop为参加者开放向韩国著名编舞家学习的机会。



ESCAPISM 是一个街头音乐演唱会,将于 1 14 日举行。作为此次活动将由在马来西亚首次亮相的K-Pop巨星 Zico Crush担任头牌艺人,并囊括了 Shigga ShayYGXDOLLAForceParkBoisDJ Raiden3P 和更多对马来西亚音乐爱好者来说并不陌生的艺人参与演出。



第三天的节目则包含了汇集一众本地和国际舞者的RF JAM舞蹈比赛的马来西亚排位赛,而4v4 Breaking 3v3 All-Style项目的胜出者将赢得前往越南 RF JAM 2023出赛的赞助之旅。




UNC Entertainment 创办人 Dylan Chyo 表示:除了集合了热门艺人,MELOSAGA也汇集了令人振奋的国际级表演、工作坊和街头文化元素,这音乐节也是马来西亚首创的街头音乐和舞蹈比赛和嘉年华。而作为一项无酒精活动,更是老少咸宜。


Base Entertainment Asia首席执行官Chantal Prudhomme 补充说:我们很高兴能与 UNC Entertainment 合作举办 MELOSAGA,这是一个音乐和舞蹈节,它将通过汇集区域和本地的知名艺术家和新兴表演者,将娱乐与街头文化结合在一起。


MELOSAGA 的门票于 2022 12 8 日晚上 9 点开始发售,价格为 RM 35


ESCAPISM 的入场票价为 259 令吉起; Cat B RM359 CAT A RM459 摇滚区 RM559 价格不包括手续费和交易费。 有兴趣者能在12 8 日至 11 日期间可享受 10% 的早鸟优惠。




About UNC Entertainment

UNC is a company that produces the most entertaining events that combine the beauty of street dance with an audience that enjoys both K-pop and street dance.


UNC has been recognised as the largest youth street dance company since 2010, with 14 supporting schools, 3 street dance studios, over 1000 youth dancers, and 35 dance instructors. In addition, the Ministry of Education has approved Malaysia Street Dance Organization to organise the annual state team dance competition, which includes teams from Melaka, Johor, Selangor, Wilayah Persekutuan, and Sarawak.


Apart from dance education, UNC also ventured into productions, dance competitions such as The Phaze International, which is one of the largest street dance competitions in the world with over 25 countries participating rate, global dance workshops with international artists (Jackson Wang, Kinjaz, BornPink, etc), music and dance festivals, and international auditions (YG Global Audition). UNC Entertainment is made up of three divisions: UNC Production, Uncommon Dance Studios, and UNC Schools. UNC Entertainment produced many successful dance competition events, TV shows, music videos, commercials, and many more that cater to the street culture, such as Astro Battleground, 8TV Ultimate Dance Crew, JD Sports international commercials, Nike commercial, JBL commercial, and many local artists' music videos, such as Dolla, Meernash, and others.


The main goal of UNC is to create an eco-system in which Malaysian talents can have a better platform, stage, and opportunity both locally and internationally.


For more information, please visit:

https://www.instagram.com/unc.entertainment/  https://www.instagram.com/uncproductions/  https://www.instagram.com/uncommondancestudio/


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