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Thursday, 22 December 2022

[Exclusive Interview] Chu Mimi 朱咪咪@ Call Me Agent 《我要做特务》Press conference

 [Exclusive Interview] Chu Mimi @ Call Me Agent 《我要做特务》Press conference


Chu Mimi, who played Poyiu Wong's mother in the film, has taken a flight to attend the show's promotional activities. During the pandemic, she spent two years in Singapore and Malaysia. She recently travelled to Hong Kong to film a Chinese New Year show. Unfortunately, she contracted COVID19 on the third day of her visit to Hong Kong. Fortunately, her symptoms are not life-threatening.


Chu Mimi expressed that she originally planned to film 6 episodes of CNY show. However, due to the cold weather, she decided to skip the second half of the show. In fact she was supposed to be a guest for 《奖门人》. But due to the same reason, she had to skip that too.


During the interview, she also mentioned that her schedule has been packed until next year April 2023. Apart from performing a charity concert on March 2023, she’s planning for a concert in RW Genting Highlands next year April 2023.


She also mentioned that she has been recommending all the co-stars in “Call Me Agent” to try some of the local delicacies. She specifically mentioned that she really love the fried glutinous rice cake


It’s really an honour to meet and interview veteran actress Chu Mimi that day! Let's catch her latest film "Call Me Agent" in theatres starting December 22nd, 2022!


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