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Sunday, 6 November 2022

[Coverage] JAPAN x MALAYSIA Friendship Concert 2022

 [Coverage] JAPAN x MALAYSIA Friendship Concert 2022


Kuala Lumpur, 2022 - Toybox Projects, a well-known company that brings authentic Japanese culture to its audiences, has organised the Japan x Malaysia Friendship Concert 2022, which has taken place on October 30, 2022! It was a cross-cultural concert with performers from both Japan and Malaysia!


This was the second edition of the concert, and the lineups were spectacular, with Japanese acts such as FEMM, Centimillimental, and BACK-ON, as well as Malaysian acts such as Floor 88, Estranged, and Sakura Band! The show was delivered at Zepp Kuala Lumpur with an amazing sound system that kept the ambience and atmosphere hyped up to the max!


The audience was enlivened by great music as the show began with Sakura Band and then FEMM! FEMM has captivated audiences with their distinct upbeat and stylish songs!


Following that, fans were treated to a lively performance by Malaysian rock band Estranged! The band has even given out limited merchandise t-shirts to the crowd as a special treat for the fans!


Following that, fans were able to see the talented singer-songwriter Centimillinental played piano on stage while entertaining the audience with his amusing vocals!


The party didn't stop there, as another fantastic Malaysian rock band, Floor 88, took the stage! They've further escalated the energy level of the concert!


Finally, the day's final performer was the well-known Japanese rock band BACK-ON, who have produced many songs in collaboration with popular anime such as "Initial D," "Fairy Tale," "Gundam," and many others. Their brilliant performance and charismatic stage presence heightened the concert's excitement! Throughout their performance, they continued to interact with the audience! The audience can be seen cheering in delight as they watch their performance!


It was a fantastic cultural exchange concert! Hopefully, Toybox Projects will bring us the next edition of the concert in the coming years!


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