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Sunday, 12 June 2022

[Coverage] “好声Family Singing Show 3” Media Visit

 [Coverage] “好声Family Singing Show 3” Media Visit

Selangor, June 2022 – 好声Family Singing Show 3” is currently in its recording phase and a media visit session was recently held at the studio. The third season of 好声Family Singing Show” features judges such as Priscilla Wong 黃翠如, Victor Wong 品冠 and Angel Wong翠玲.  It also features artistes’ family groups such as Ribbon黄若熙 and mother, Ash卢信宥 and his mother妈妈, Jaspers赖宇涵 and his grandmother, Yise罗忆诗 and his brother as well as Jasmine张静汶and her father. Tan Ley Teng 陈丽亭and Gary Yap 叶俊岑are co-hosting the show.


The first two seasons of 好声Family Singing Show were well received by the audiences with spectacular ratings. Apart from that, it has also discovered new talents and created memorable family moments during the past two seasons. This season aims to deliver the same amount of impact as like the seasons before.


During the media visits, Priscilla Wong 黃翠如 mentioned that his husband Edwin Siu 蕭正楠 frequently complained of her singing skill and yet she was invited to be the judge for the third season of "Family Singing Show". Thus, she couldn’t resist "showing off" to her husband for the first time regarding this. Priscilla also mentioned that she was on the verge of tears, stated candidly, "I had always believed that the singing competition was a contest of singing ability, therefore I was surprised by how heart-warming and touching this programme is.”


Victor Wong 品冠 who has not been back in Malaysia for some time was glad to be part of the show. In addition to that, he took this opportunity to visit his parents. 

He was asked on if he is invited to join the competition as participant, whether he would choose his parent or his son as the partner. He informed that he would choose his mother. However, if possible, he would prefer to bring both his mother and son together. It would be wonderful if three generations could sing in harmony.


好声Family Singing Show 3”  will premiere on Sunday, July 24 at 9:00 pm and will be streamed live on 八度空间YouTube channel.

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