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Friday, 14 February 2020

[Coverage] Press Conference and Movie Premiere of “Good Wealth 2020 财神2020”

[Coverage] Press Conference and Movie Premiere of “Good Wealth 2020 财神2020”

Kuala Lumpur, February 2020 – “Good Wealth 《财神2020is one of the movies in CNY Slot this year! The movie is a local film that casts HK artiste Bob Lam林盛斌 as the main protagonists as well as other local artistes such as Alvin Chong 钟瑾桦, Meiyan颜薇恩, Jordan Voon 温绍平 and etc. The movie is directed by Teddy Chin陳立謙.

The press conference for the movie was held at Persatuan Penganut Dewa Yufeng Cai Bo Xing Jun whereby the rite of worship was held.

During the press conference, Bob shared that he has given up his Japanese trip with his family to attend the promo tour for the film. He also mentioned that Jack Lim林德荣 has made a crossover cameo appearance in this film while he made a cameo in Jack’s film.

Bob also mentioned that, if the ticket sales for the movie can break beyond the grosses of RM 3,880,000, he would try Bungee Jump from KL Tower.

Meiyan on the other hand expresses that her character design this time is the “most exposed” role she has ever taken up.

Jordan Voon温绍平 who played as the God of Prosperity this time has tried something new whereby he blended in some trendy sentence in his dialogues. This is not the typical God of Prosperity you have always seen presented on screen.

Movie Premiere

The movie premiere of “Good Wealth 2020 财神2020” has taken place at GSC Midvalley whereby the audiences get to see the presence of the whole casts ensemble. Alvin Chong who played the role of son for Bob Lam’s character also present during the movie premiere.

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