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Friday, 30 November 2018

[Coverage] Dino Lee Yu Xi (李玉玺) Sing With Me Autograph Session at Atria Shopping Gallery

[Coverage] Dino Lee Yu Xi (李玉玺) Sing With Me Autograph Session

Kuala Lumpur, November 2018 - Dino Lee Yu Xi (李玉玺) was here in Malaysia with his brand new album “Sing With Me” early November. This was his first appearance in Malaysia after 3 years since he last came here for his promo tour! This one and only autograph signing event was held in Atria Shopping Gallery on 9th November 2018 (Friday).

This album was released on June this year. It was his third song album. He had put in a lot of effort in this new album from top to toe, from as the producer of the album even until design of the album cover. Dino said he had to overcome many difficulties when producing this album due to lots of thoughts or new ideas to put into the album and therefore many thanks to the producing team in helping him on this.

Dino Lee had also brought his favourite teddy bear named Lucy to the event. For those who do not know Lucy, Lucy had always appeared in Dino's Instagram, you may have a look into it. According to the emcee Emely Poon, Lucy accompanied Dino everyday wherever he goes. 

Album song list:
1. Everytime I close my eyes
闭上眼睛 - Korean drama [The most beautiful goodbye 最美丽的离别] [Confession couple告白夫妻] ending song 
2. Fragile
没那么脆弱 - Korean drama [Live up to your name 名不虚传] ending song
3. Goodbye, Anxiety
再见了不安 - Korean drama [I'm not a robot 没关系不是机器人] ending song
4. Sing with me - Korean drama [Live up to your name 名不虚传] opening theme song

5. Foreign land
6. Just a dream
 - Korean drama [Something in the rain 经常请吃饭的漂亮姐姐] ending song
7. Nice to meet you
遇见了你 - Movie [Brother of the year 把哥哥退货可以吗] chinese version theme song 
8. Disqualified traveler
9. This is how we said goodbye - Movie [About youth 有一种喜欢] theme song

10. The end

<<Sing With Me>> as the theme song in this album hit 1,500,000 click through rate only 5 days after it was released! 

It was an amazing autograph session by Dino Lee Yu Xi (李玉玺)!

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