[Coverage] PENNY TAI “THIEF” ASIA TOUR LIVE IN MALAYSIA 2018 戴佩妮 【賊】 亞洲巡迴演唱會馬來西亞站 - WLJack.com 华龙分享网站 (Official Variety Website)


Tuesday, 14 August 2018

[Coverage] PENNY TAI “THIEF” ASIA TOUR LIVE IN MALAYSIA 2018 戴佩妮 【賊】 亞洲巡迴演唱會馬來西亞站

[Coverage] PENNY TAI “THIEF” ASIA TOUR LIVE IN MALAYSIA 2018 戴佩妮 【賊】 亞洲巡迴演唱會馬來西亞站

August 2018, Kuala Lumpur – Presented by MONSPACE, organized by The WonderLand+ and Neverfall, Penny Tai “Thief” Asia Tour Live In Malaysia 2018 was successfully held at Axiata Arena, Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur on 11 August 2018. (Read our previous articles on the show here: http://www.wljack.com/2018/06/upcoming-event-penny-tai-thief-asia.html ).

The show was also supported by 988, Bio-essence as official skincare, F1 Kitchen as official restaurant, 六福珠宝 as official jewelry, Capri by Fraser Kuala Lumpur as official hotel, 大嘴叭 as official Karaoke, Astro Circle as loyalty partner, TOMATOE LAB as official media partner and special thanks to Sungei Wang Plaza. Our team from www.wljack.com was given a golden opportunity to do a coverage on the event!

Venue: Axiata Arena, Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur
Date: 11th August 2018
Time: 8pm

Songstress Is Back to Homeland! Full House Concert!
It’s been a while since Penny Tai has started her “Thief” Asia Tour. Finally the Taiwan-based Malaysian songstress is bringing the concert back to her homeland. It was set to be her largest solo concert in Malaysia.

Kicking off the show with the song of ” (Thief) which was the title song for the concert, she came on stage with a mysterious yet dazzling performance outfit. Once she started singing, everyone was amazed by her spectacular vocal. Following ”, she performed another two songs which are 辛德瑞拉and 水中央”.  After singing three of the songs continuously, Penny has taken the opportunity to interact and talk to the audiences. She mentioned that she has ventured into the musical journey since 18 years ago, she’s glad that she can finally have a solo concert with such a grand scale in her home country.

She thanked all of her fans who have been there to support her all these years as well as those who have newly became her fans. She also thanked the musicians friends who have made her started this journey. She said that she has never thought of becoming a singer initially. But she admitted that she really love to perform on stage since the beginning.

Never An Easy Journey!
During the show, there was also footage shown displaying how Penny used to practise piano 2 years ago for her tour concert. She mentioned that she’s not actually too good in reading musical notes. However, she managed to pull it through by memorizing the sequence of the keys to play instead.

Penny also mentioned that it was never an easy journey for her. She has went through a lot of struggles too before reaching what she is now.

Guest Performers For The Show!
SHIO, who is Penny’s mentee was one of the guest performers of the night. She appeared on stage with a violin play. Then she proceeded with three songs including “End To Ribbons”, “抽象图and “Yesterday”. It’s fun to see the pair of mentor-mentee to interact on stage.

Another guest artistes of the night was Cheer 陈绮贞. It’s a rare occasion for the Malaysians to be able to see Cheer perform on stage. Penny jokingly said that they used to text each other but seldom meet face-to-face. They always discussed about daily stuffs such as what brands of toothpaste to buy, vegetables and etc. Penny addressed those as Auntie’s stuffs. When she appeared on stage, Penny who is always full of sense of humor asked her assistant to bring her 收敛水to lessen her hilarity and be more serious on stage while introducing Cheer.

Cheer has performed two songs on stage which were “让我想一想and 旅行的意义”.

A Promising Concert!
The concert is a satisfying treat for all of the fans as Penny Tai has sang over 20+ songs (if including medley, it would be over 30+ songs). Some of the notable songs performed included 爱疯了单身潜逃野蔷薇纯属意外怎样 and etc.

One of the biggest highlight of the night was the encore part whereby instead of shouting “Encore”, the fans shouted “Auntie” as per instructed by a cloaked person on stage who brought out a signboard of “Auntie”. Finally it turned out that Penny was the cloaked person. Such a surprising gimmick!

During the encore session, she has performed one of her most iconic song 你要的爱which is the theme song for the popular drama 流星花园. She also performed which was one of her earliest songs.

Overall, I have to say, this was one of the best concert show I have ever attended to in the recent years. I thoroughly enjoyed all of the emotions that flown through me listening to Penny’s mesmerizing voice. Million thanks to the organizer for providing our team an opportunity to do a coverage on the show!

Penny Tai “Thief” Asia Tour Live In Malaysia 2018 Songs List:
2. 辛德瑞拉
3. 水中央
4. 光着我德脚丫子
5. Hey Girl
6. 原谅我就是这样的女生
7. Amen
8. 爱疯了
9. 无赖
10. 试探
11. 单身潜逃
12. 未完不待续
13. 郭修彧:End To Ribbons + 抽象图 + Yesterday
14. 臭小孩
15. 你怎么可以安心的睡着
16. 野蔷薇
17. 我们的故事+窗外+小小
18. 吹嗶嗶+透气+时间快转+懒人漫游+日期
20. 让我想一想 ft 陈绮贞
21. 陈绮贞: 旅行的意义
22. 街角的祝福
23. 往前飞+淡水河边+防空洞+什么都捨得
24. 纯属意外
25. 怎样
26: 你要的爱

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