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Friday, 23 March 2018

[Movie Review] Operation Red Sea

[Movie Review] Operation Red Sea

Operation Red Sea is a Chinese-Hong Kong action film directed by Dante Lam, who also directed the Operation Mekong and many other top box office movies. The movie consumes around CNY500 million (approximately MYR310 million) and was filmed in Morocco, showcasing military battle by the Chinese Military team that covers land, sea and air.

Our team was given an opportunity to do a review on the film during a special screening which was recently held at Bona Cinemas, Sky Avenue Genting Highlands.

Operation Red Sea is definitely an amazing military based film and there’s no wonder why the film has been so well-received since its release. The movie is based loosely on the true story of evacuation of 225 foreign nationals and 600 Chinese citizens from Yemen’s southern port of Aden.

Director Dante Lam has done a spectacular job in trying to recreate the tension on battlefields with the involvement of real military support. Besides depicting the real-life war scenes, the director has also taken the effort to introduce regarding the protagonists in the film. He managed to make you feel for these characters and get emotionally engage with them.

The writing for the show is also remarkable. Every progress of the plot is being connected with a clear dots and lines with a number of emotional moments as well. The theme of teamwork and war was well displayed in the film.

I really love the way the movie was shot. The close-up scenes, bird’s-view-shoots and etc are very realistic. In addition, the makeup and special effect for the film is also great as it infuses real-war gory effects (bloody and shot up body parts) into the film just like how Hacksaw Ridge did.  

As for the acting part, I think all of the casts including Zhang Yi, Du Jiang, Huang Jingyu, Hai Qing and Prince Mak have provided a memorable performance which made you care and concern of their characters. The chemistry between the characters are also likeable.

Besides, I also enjoy the background music in the film which has equally provided the intense feelings that can complement with the war scenes in the film.

Overall, I really love this movie and I can feel how much director Dante Lam is in love in military action movies. If you ask me who would I recommend to watch this movie, I would highly suggest those people who love Call Of Duty or Player’s Unknown Battleground to give it a try at this movie. I reckon you would like this movie as much as I do!

Verdict: 8.8/10.0

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